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The Saturday Series

The ten post Saturday series: how to immigrate to Canada, how to find a job, interviews with immigrants… and more!

10 Things To Experience In Canada

Ontario Trailer

Canada, the best country on earth? Well, I'd hate to brag... but the truth is, there is plenty to experience here and it's a great country to live in. The stereotype of a frozen land North of the USA doesn't do Canada justice. No matter whether you are a newcomer or a lifelong Canadian citizen, here are ten things to experience in Canada. Read More »

10 Canadian Bands

Concert Atmosphere

Welcome to my new series, the "Canadian List of Ten"! Ten weeks, ten posts, ten lists and one hundred new Canadian things for you, from food to language, from city to weather. Today, we will start with music, something I really enjoy (and you may have noticed it given the number of concerts we went to!). Read More »