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Passage Pommeraye

Nantes is a fairly old city, and grow­ing up in the city cen­tre, I was rather spoiled with his­toric build­ings and land­marks. But of course, at the time, I didn’t pay much atten­tion to them because it was my nor­mal environment.

Pas­sage Pom­mer­aye is one of the his­toric mon­u­ments I’m now redis­cov­er­ing. The mini shop­ping mall is a pas­sage between two streets, rue de la Fosse (the lower street) and rue de San­teuil (the higher one).  It was com­pleted in 1843 and was a nov­elty at the time. The design is very elab­o­rate and includes renais­sance style sculp­tures along the stairways.

Pas­sage Pom­mer­aye is closed at night and only opens around 8 a.m. When I was going to school, most morn­ings, I had to take a street par­al­lel to the pas­sage, which I hated because the nar­row alley was steep and always stunk of pee and dog poop. But if I was late, with a bit of luck, I was able to take the Pas­sage Pom­mer­aye shortly before 8 a.m.! Trust me, I ran up the strairs many many times to make it to school on time!

The Entrance Rue de la Fosse

From The First Level

One of the Stat­ues Along The Stairways

The Ceil­ing

From The Third Level

Balustrade Orna­ments

One of the Stores

The Entrance Rue de Santeuil


  1. This reminds me of the Cleve­land Arcade, which I vis­ited 4 years ago. It’s this long nar­row build­ing with shops on both sides. Buf­falo also has a Mar­ket Arcade but is not as grand as Cleveland’s and Nantes’.

  2. Salut Zhu,

    This is a beau­ti­ful place. Very sim­i­lar in style to the Parisian pas­sages filled with shops and restau­rants.
    This place also is a mem­ory of your past…

    I am imag­in­ing a teenaged Zhu sprint­ing on the stairs :)

  3. Salut Zhu!

    You are home? Are you going to be there for the elec­tions?
    As always I delighted myself in your pic­tures: loved the statue.

    Nantes, through your eyes, is beautiful.


    • I’m com­ing back to Canada about ten days before the elec­tions, so I will vote in Ottawa. Yet it’s inter­est­ing to catch a glimpse of the cam­paign in France!

  4. I was there, just one year ago! A good mem­ory. I have a pic­ture of the win­dow of the choco­latier, with an elec­tric gui­tar made of choco­late on display. : )

    How is your mother doing? I hope she is recov­er­ing well from the surgery. That whole adven­ture must have been scary.

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