Picture of the Week: Rain and More Rain

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Sparks Street, Flooded, Ottawa, June 2012

When it rains in Ottawa, it pours. And it has been pouring for almost a week non-stop now—blah weather, trust me. Umbrellas aren’t being terribly helpful because it’s flooded everywhere, and the wind is often too strong to hold the umbrella in the first place.

I know some rain is good—the grass and the crops are so green at the Experimental Farm right now, it’s lovely. Some rain washes the streets as well, and it brings the temperatures down a bit.

But this is too much. I want the sun back! Otherwise, I feel like I’m in rainy Brittany.


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  1. Ah, it’s been rainy last weekend too, but this week is slowly warming up. Hopefully it’s not too warm and humid, as I hate that type of weather. 😛

  2. Hi Zhu,

    Beautiful picture. I feel you: I also prefer the sun although I totally understand the purpose of raining.

    I had been here yesterday (not at this post though), but apparently my comment disappeared :(.

    Anyway, wishing you a great weekend.


  3. I hear ya, I just came back from sunny Spain to rain. We were planing on going hiking today, but canceled due to all the rain. I’m not used to living in a place with so much rain, it’s definitely an adjustment.

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