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Rebel France IV

Walls are talk­ing in France!

And here is the last part of this year’s “hunt­ing graf­fi­tis in France”. As usual, the trans­la­tion is below.

French Political Graffitis

  • Pas­sons à l’offensive sans atten­dre” (“let’s take the offen­sive now”): a sticker found on the Uni­ver­sity of Nantes cam­pus. They were on strike for a long time, I assume this is related.
  • BDDP Unlim­ited — Pro­duc­teur d’idées et de médias”: I found this graf­fiti in Paris, near Bar­bès. The com­pany, BDDP Unlim­ited (prob­a­bly an adver­tis­ing com­pany) adver­tised they were “pro­duc­ing ideas and medias”. Some­body iron­i­cally wrote below: “in a word, a con­tin­u­ous flow of ideas… tell me I’m dream­ing!”. And some­one else added: “canned intel­li­gence, prob­a­bly…”.
  • Signs nearby the Paris City Hall: uni­ver­si­ties teach­ers, researchers, staffs and stu­dents have been on strike for a while, against a umpteen uni­ver­sity reform. Can’t explain the details, it’s very tech­ni­cal… any­way, as a sign a protest, they cov­ered the City Hall with var­i­ous ban­ners, includ­ing some in Chi­nese and Eng­lish to explain why they protest. They also walk in cir­cle night and day (see their blog, La Ronde Infinie Des Obstinés).
  • Moi, c’est le geste qui m’intéresse” (“I’m only inter­ested in the ges­ture”): I found this sign on the top of a very high wall. I had to squint to read… and I found it funny. The artist didn’t wanted to share his wis­dom or his opin­ions like many of the graf­fi­tis writer, he just stuck a big sheet of paper on top of the wall.

That’s it!

We are back in Ottawa, it’s almost spring and… and I should sleep now.


  1. Moi, c’est le geste qui m’intéresse” — straight and to the point — love it!

  2. I guess “canned intel­li­gence” is some­thing like fig­ur­ing out where the cor­ner in a cir­cu­lar room is.:P

  3. Nice, I’m sorry I’ve been lost even from your blog, and now you have to prac­tice span­ish in mine, because I find it very refresh­ing to just write in span­ish now :)

    Wel­come to spring! And hope you can rest a lot now so you have the ener­gies to keep tak­ing your beau­ti­ful pho­tos :D

  4. @Seraphine — French are over-intellectual soem­times. You can’t have a proper dumb con­ver­sa­tion any­more! :lol:

    @barbara — J’ai trouvé ça drôle que les man­i­fes­tants pren­nent la peine de traduire leur doléances dans plusieurs langues! This is sooo French :lol:

    @Khengsiong — I doubt it too! Not sure why it was trans­lated into Man­darin… two expla­na­tions: either it’s from my for­mer Uni­ver­sity in Paris which teaches Chi­nese and is in strike (and found it fun to write in Chi­nese). Or it could be to appeal to Chi­nese tourists… who prob. don’t care!

    @shionge — Thank you!

    @kyh — Oh, you have no idea :lol:

    @Max Coutinho — Yes, back in Ottawa — the snow has melted! :lol:

    @Tulsa Gen­tle­man — Thanks “Neo” ;-) Yes, we are back… it has been a crazy busy week, but it’s good to be home. Trav­el­ing is only good if you have a home to come back to. Wan­der­ing for­ever is just not as fun…

    @Scarlet — That was my favorite one as well!

    @Tanya — Yuk! Some signs stink… don’t like these.

    @Feng — Of course I do, I’m still French!

    @Caroline — I love it too!

    @Celine — :lol: Well said. Next time I’ll be back in Paris, I will add your com­ment below the exist­ing graf­fiti ;-)

    @Aiglee — No prob­lem! There are always busy times… I don’t mind read­ing in Span­ish anyway.

  5. And add Celine says so..lol

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