Rebel France IV


Walls are talking in France!

And here is the last part of this year’s “hunting graffitis in France”. As usual, the translation is below.

French Political Graffitis

  • Passons à l’offensive sans attendre” (“let’s take the offensive now“): a sticker found on the University of Nantes campus. They were on strike for a long time, I assume this is related.
  • BDDP Unlimited — Producteur d’idées et de médias“: I found this graffiti in Paris, near Barbès. The company, BDDP Unlimited (probably an advertising company) advertised they were “producing ideas and medias“. Somebody ironically wrote below: “in a word, a continuous flow of ideas… tell me I’m dreaming!“. And someone else added: “canned intelligence, probably…“.
  • Signs nearby the Paris City Hall: universities teachers, researchers, staffs and students have been on strike for a while, against a umpteen university reform. Can’t explain the details, it’s very technical… anyway, as a sign a protest, they covered the City Hall with various banners, including some in Chinese and English to explain why they protest. They also walk in circle night and day (see their blog, La Ronde Infinie Des Obstinés).
  • Moi, c’est le geste qui m’intéresse” (“I’m only interested in the gesture“): I found this sign on the top of a very high wall. I had to squint to read… and I found it funny. The artist didn’t wanted to share his wisdom or his opinions like many of the graffitis writer, he just stuck a big sheet of paper on top of the wall.

That’s it!

We are back in Ottawa, it’s almost spring and… and I should sleep now.


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  1. Salut Zhu,

    The second is pretty good !! Take a very “serious” occupational title, and have someone complete the “blab”.
    And I still just a vague notion of what that biz this place does for a living !
    I was sure that those cardboard signs in Mandarin would call to you .

    Bises 🙂

  2. Surprised to see Chinese words.

    Protesters in Thailand have their banners in English, but that is because they want the world to know their cause. I doubt many Chinese care about what happens in France, except probably pro-Tibet demonstration.

  3. Zhu,

    “Moi, c’est le geste qui m’intéresse” – it is the most interesting of them all LOL….I loved the humour.

    Oh, you are back in Ottawa: welcome home, cherie!!! 😀


  4. Is Ottawa home? Anyway, you are back. You have traversed the world and come back to where you started. I offer sincere thanks for sharing it with us all. You have taken me with you and I enjoyed the trip. But the journey never ends does it? The world is an interesting place and as long as we have eyes and ears we will discover new things, or see old things in a new way.

    As the oracle told Neo, you have a good soul.

  5. These signs are great, and you really see stuff like this all over France. I have a picture of one that says “La France amiez-la ou quittez-la” “France love it or leave it.” Yikes.

  6. Nice, I’m sorry I’ve been lost even from your blog, and now you have to practice spanish in mine, because I find it very refreshing to just write in spanish now 🙂

    Welcome to spring! And hope you can rest a lot now so you have the energies to keep taking your beautiful photos 😀

  7. @Seraphine – French are over-intellectual soemtimes. You can’t have a proper dumb conversation anymore! 😆

    @barbara – J’ai trouvé ça drôle que les manifestants prennent la peine de traduire leur doléances dans plusieurs langues! This is sooo French 😆

    @Khengsiong – I doubt it too! Not sure why it was translated into Mandarin… two explanations: either it’s from my former University in Paris which teaches Chinese and is in strike (and found it fun to write in Chinese). Or it could be to appeal to Chinese tourists… who prob. don’t care!

    @shionge – Thank you!

    @kyh – Oh, you have no idea 😆

    @Max Coutinho – Yes, back in Ottawa – the snow has melted! 😆

    @Tulsa Gentleman – Thanks “Neo” 😉 Yes, we are back… it has been a crazy busy week, but it’s good to be home. Traveling is only good if you have a home to come back to. Wandering forever is just not as fun…

    @Scarlet – That was my favorite one as well!

    @Tanya – Yuk! Some signs stink… don’t like these.

    @Feng – Of course I do, I’m still French!

    @Caroline – I love it too!

    @Celine – 😆 Well said. Next time I’ll be back in Paris, I will add your comment below the existing graffiti 😉

    @Aiglee – No problem! There are always busy times… I don’t mind reading in Spanish anyway.

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