Scenes We’d Like to See —New York and the Movies


For the film enthusiast, keen to stand where their heroes have stood, there’s no place like New York. You can travel there on the plentiful flights to New York and then make your own little tour of all the famous spots. Here are just a few of the locations that no movie lover should miss when visiting this marvelous city:

Brooklyn Bridge
Opened in 1883, the twin arches of the Brooklyn Bridge are immediately recognizable. It has been a popular location for a host of films, including “Sex and the City,” “Transformers,” “Limitless” and “The French Connection.”

Grand Central Station
The cavernous main hall of Grand Central Station has been home to an unbelievable number of films, such as “The Prince of Tides,” “Revolutionary Road,” and the 2009 version of “The Taking of Pelham 123.” In Superman (1998), Lex Luthor had his hideout located deep below the platforms and two hapless cops can be seen trailing one of his minions across the lines.

Hook and Ladder no.8 Firehouse
Who could forget the wild shenanigans that took place at the Ghostbusters Firehouse? This vintage building, with its famous arched doorway and distinctive red and white exterior, simply exudes charm. Saved from demolition by public demand, this location is a must for all serious film buffs (but not for ghosts, of course!).

St Patrick’s Cathedral
Majestic St Patrick’s Cathedral has played host to the christening scene in “The Godfather,” a fearsome Gremlin attack in “Gremlins 2: the New Batch,” whilst the subterranean ruins featured in Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970).

Times Square
At the heart of Manhattan you’ll find Times Square, memorably featured in the 1933 version of King Kong. Other movies include “Jerry Maguire,” “Letters to Juliet,” and “Enchanted.” Tom Cruise can be seen in a deserted Times Square in “Vanilla Sky,” and that cheeky imp Borat also took a tour.

Empire State Building
Whether you love the vintage romance of “An Affair to Remember,” or the tear-jerking final meeting between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in its modern counterpart “Sleepless in Seattle,” the iconic Empire State Building is the pinnacle of movie locations. It’s also pretty tall, too!

Getting there
Affordable flights to New York are easy to find, and you can also book accommodation that is close to all the main movie locations. An ideal destination for a long weekend, why not treat yourself to a visit and stand in all those spots for yourself? Even if you don’t have the lights, that not to say you can’t have the camera handy and also grab a piece of the action!


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