Picture of the Week: Shoveling Snow

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Shoveling the Snow, Ottawa, March 2012

Most Canadians keep a shovel in the garage, and it’s not to build sandcastles, but to shovel the snow.

A single snowstorm can bring ten, twenty, thirty of more centimeters of snow and it can make getting out of the house a challenge. If you live in an apartment, you’ll be fine (yet you may have to shovel your balcony). But if you live in a house, you will soon be familiar with the shoveling routine. Clearing the driveway, especially the end of it, is the number one winter chore.

There are different kinds of snow. Wet snow may be the prettiest but it’s also a bitch to shovel because it’s so heavy. For ice, you need a metal shovel (or a flamethrower… I still wish we could use these!). For the heavy slush at the end of the driveway, you mostly need patience and a lot of time.

That said, shoveling snow is good exercise and a great way to meet your neighbours! You are all in this together… eh!


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    • I know, it’s amazing! I hope it stays that way. I wouldn’t want to have to go through another blizzard now that we are used to warmer temperatures.

  1. Lots of people in MTL have a snow blower even if they have only a small drive way to clean. I used to like shoveling snow but then again I only had a small walkway 🙂

    • It’s not that common in Ottawa, from what I can see. Lots of people shovel their own driveway, or hire someone to do it with a truck.

  2. I don’t miss driving in snow, but I actually miss shoveling snow, you’re right it’s great exercise and a good excuse to go outside when it’s cold.

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