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Picture of the Week: Slush

Flooded Inter­sec­tion, The Glebe, Ottawa, March 2012

The weather has been very strange for the past few days. We had snow, bliz­zard, very strong winds, warmer tem­per­a­tures, hail, drift­ing snow and then cold tem­per­a­tures. This resulted in dirty snow banks and some slush.

Trust me, there is noth­ing more beau­ti­ful than a fresh coat of snow but there is noth­ing worse than slush. The slurry mix­ture of ice, water and dirt blocks drains and piles up on side­walks. It makes walk­ing around an adventure.

I don’t mind walk­ing in the snow, although much like walk­ing on the sand, it can be tir­ing. But I do hate get­ting my feet wet or worse, get­ting splashed by a car!


  1. Hi Zhu,
    It doesn’t snow enough in my part of France to expe­ri­ence slush. But, it is not hard to imag­ine half melted or all melted snow left­overs.
    I like reflex­ions in pud­dles like the pic­ture on top :).

  2. It’s pretty wet and dirty! The worst is all the melt­ing dog crap that emerges this time of year. Blech!

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