Smells Like Fall...


After a rainy sum­mer, a short Indian sum­mer and a few more weeks of rain, it finally smells like Fall. Tem­per­a­tures are lower and the leaves are finally chang­ing colors.

Today, it finally stopped rain­ing so we drove to Bate Island, a small island on the Ottawa River right between Ontario and Québec, to take some pic­tures. We were not alone, as many lit­tle ani­mals were “shop­ping” for food before the winter.

Gate Island

Bate Island

Changing Color...

Chang­ing Color…

Yellow Leaf

Yel­low Leaf

Caught In The Fence

Caught In The Fence

Orange Leaf

Orange Leaf

Yellow Leaves

Yel­low Leaves

Having Lunch

Hav­ing Lunch



Looking For Food

Look­ing For Food

Flying High

Fly­ing High

Changing Colors

Chang­ing Colors

Yellow Leaves and Blue Sky

Yel­low Leaves and Blue Sky


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  1. @Bluefish — I hope for you too! Cana­dian Fall is quite unique.

    @Agnes — Thank you! How cold does it get over there?

    @Beth — It is a beau­ti­ful sea­son, my favorite after sum­mer. The Indian sum­mer and then the cool Fall are spe­cial to me… we need the tran­si­tion before win­ter too.

    @Nigel — Thank you!

    @Linguist-in-Waiting — I know, it’s colder than I’d like here too. I refuse to wear my win­ter coat so early in the season!

    @Seraphine — I played with “héli­cop­tères” too when I was a kid in France. Between us, I still do :-)

    @Sidney — I am sweet 😆 And also, we had nuts with us 😆

    @dodong flo­res — Thank you so much!

    @Max Coutinho — 30C? Lucky you! I had no idea that it was still sum­mer over there. I guess Por­tu­gal is pretty South…

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