Smells Like Spring…

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It might be spring. Or not. We can never really be sure in Canada…

The last couple of weeks, it was about 25ºC and sunny. The snow finally melted but the first few days were weird: we were walking around wearing summer clothes and in sandals… in the snowy streets.

But the last couple of days were cold, averaging 0-5ºC. I really hope that wasn’t the end of the summer…. Meanwhile, I took some pictures of spring in Ottawa.

1 2

The city looks good in the bright sunshine, but the river by Parliament Hill was pretty flooded (yeah, trees usually grow on the ground… not in water…).

3 4

The nice sunsets are back… we caught a couple lately.

5 6

The Ottawa river was flooded: it overflowed a bit and some paths had to be close. Unusually high snow falls this winter (almost 5 meters of snow in total!) and warm temperatures didn’t help. Nothing too severe though.

7 8

It was pretty amazing too see so much non frozen water.

9 10

Still, it’s spring. And it’s nice.


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French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. A ha ha! First comment!

    I guess it’s not only here in Buffalo that the weirdness of the weather is striking. Yes, similar to what you have, we were in summer the past few weeks. But starting this week, it went down cold again. People are getting sick because of the fluctuating temperatures, and I really hope I don’t get a cold that would hamper my upcoming vacation.

    Linguist-in-Waitings last blog post..Native Americans Have Weird Intersections

  2. Great pictures! I love the sunsets this time of the year…one of the advantages of living in a northern climate, they last longer then they do at the equator. The pictures of the trees in the river water is an interesting effect too!

    DianeCAs last blog post..Dating for grownups

  3. silverneurotic on

    I noticed in Colorado-as soon as the weather got to about 50 degrees (farenheit) out came the tanks, sandels, etc. 😆

    silverneurotics last blog post..Social Networks, Terms of Services and You

  4. Yeah!, it’s been SO cold this week compared to the last weeks, it’s soooo weird, but don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll have hot weather really soon 😀

    Aiglees last blog post..Things to do

  5. Those are all capital photographs, but
    the last one, the chain and the spiderweb,
    is beautiful. Be thankful for the water,
    officials are already talking about water
    rationing in California because the last
    few winter months have been uncommonly dry.

    Seraphines last blog post..Hell Week, Part 4: Unmasking Wrath

  6. durano lawayan on

    Hi Zhu,

    Ottawa looks cool and chilly, while here I am, basking in the glory of a 36 degree SUMMER sun in Boracay Beach. Thank God the place now has full internet services.

    The soft powdery sands swish through my toes and the view of the sea and the people on the beach enjoying themselves is far from the madness of city life. I could stay here all month if not for work commitments.

    Tonight there will be several parties with strangers grouped according to nationalities mixing it up with their respective country’s wildest drink. I feel sorry for those who have to be cooped up in thick sweaters and jackets because of the cold in their locations, while we can be half clad till the wee hours of the morning waiting for the sunrise and enjoying an expresso and inhaling Canada’s favorite medication. So long, gotta take a dive!:-)–Durano, done!

  7. I just wanna ‘soak’ in your picture for a while coz it is so so hot right now in singapore….I have never experienced spring so I just have to give it a shot someday. Very nice day Zhu!

  8. Oooh, I love the sunsets! 😀 … and, uh, we have leaves on the trees here. Sorry! hehe … we got, well, no snow, really. Which I missed. I think I prefer the North to this place … later in the summer I’ll be writing about the oppressive humidity and you’ll be laughing at me!

    Ghostys last blog post..The Transcendent God and Time

  9. Salut Zhu,
    Nice to see Spring finally showing up in Ottawa !
    I feel like every time one of my friends shows his/her photos, I travel a bit also.
    I’am a pushover for a beautiful sunset. I just love them, and when the colors are beautiful I always spend a few moments admiring.
    Enjoy the sun 😉

    barbaras last blog post..You question, I answer

  10. Yes, it’s nice when things start to turn green. It’s been really cold here in Toronto this week. So the grass in the backyard is really high and needs to be cut, but I don’t want to do it in the cold. The cat is mad at me because we had the window open and he loved it, but now we have to keep it closed again.

    johnadas last blog post..CAN I GET THE TRIPLE MEAT WITH SOME BEEF FRIES?

  11. Looks pretty, but I’m glad to be in California. 🙂

    diesels last blog post..Caption Contest: The Hulk

  12. What beautiful pictures! I love the idea of Canada but everyone I know is talking about the weather and the cold. Of course, when it is nice…it shines so beautifully. So as I live in Seattle where is rains so much, I can definately see how one can live there. The good far outweights the bad.

    Colleens last blog post..Possible Post Theories: Travel Around Inside my Head

  13. @Linguist-in-Waiting – Yes, everyone was a bit sick this week, a few people actually got the real flu. It’s hard to adjust to sudden changes like that. Hope it gets better…

    @DianeCA – I have always found Canadian sunsets pretty amazing. As you said, they last longer and the light is so amazingly clear as well!

    @silverneurotic – Same here! Canadian usually wear shorts as soon as it’s above 10C.

    @RennyBA – But now people are longing for warm weather. It’s not really “Canadian cold” anymore but it’s still a bit chilly. Now summers are really hot so I guess it won’t be too long.

    @Aiglee – I really hope so! Do you have air conditioning where you live? Cause you will probably need it!

    @Spyder – I actually thought of you!

    @Seraphine – It’s everything but dry here… and as long as flood aren’t too bad (i.e like in NB), I don’t mind. Drought can be tough too I know…

    @durano lawayan – God, I like you but right now I hate you! 😆 I miss the beach, I miss the sand, I miss normal temperatures! Our trees don’t even have leaves yet…! Have fun!

    @Ghosty – I complain about humidity too but I can take hot weather. Cold well… I have my limits. They were reached about 6 months ago!

    @barbara – I love sunsets too! When hubby and I were too broke to go to the theatre, we used to go sunset hunting. Another kind of movie 😉

    @johnada – Same here, the backyard is turning into a jungle but I’m not into summer mood yet (= I’m plain lazy this is an excuse).

    @diesel – Bet you are! No huge forest fires yet? 😉

    @beaverboosh – No… but all the crazy people and bums are out for sure!

    @itelli – Really? Funny!

    @Colleen – The cold itself isn’t too bad. It’s just the long winters and the crazy temperature change. You can never ever tell how the weather is going to be!

    @kyh – Our spring is really short though, we jump almost straight to summer and… winter.

  14. Hi Zhu,
    Those pictures are really nice. Over here, we only have two seasons, so we don’t have the opportunity to enjoy great views like in places with four seasons.
    That spider web photo is unique.

    zunnurs last great read…A yearn to return

  15. I like those pictures of the city through the waters. The last picture is intriguing.

    Enjoy the spring, and hope the season continues with you till you have your fill. To me, 25 deg and sunny sounds good!

    Celines last great read…Orange Glow

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