Snowy Scarves


After the spider taking over the city, here my entry for Graham‘s February Photograph Challenge. This month, the theme is “pattern” and when I learned about it, I immediately thought of this picture.

I took it about a month ago, downtown Ottawa. I was shopping in the Byward market and it started to snow. Not blizzard snow, but yet pretty big flakes. Soon enough, the stalls were covered by a thin layer of the white stuff, but we kept on shopping anyway cause well, after all, we’re Canadians, right?

As you can maybe tell by the layout of my blog, I love colors and patterns, so I often take close-up of goods on display in markets: food, veggies, clothes and yes, scarves. I loved the mix of snow flakes and the fabric here.


Feel free to participate in the challenge as well!

PS: as you may have noticed, I changed my WordPress theme this week-end. Conclusion of the experience:
1) If you see any bugs, don’t worry, it’s gonna be fixed soon (I hope!)
2) I have a lot of posts sitting in my Feed Reader! I’m gonna start to catch up in a minute.
3) Hope you like the new layout! It’ll be improved this week.


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  1. Zhu,

    Thank you :D! I celebrate so many New Years: the Western one, the pagan one (Samhain) and now I am sharing the Chinese one with you too :D!

    No, darling; I am not into bright patterns…my thing are dark colours 😎


    Max Coutinho’s last blog post..Missive to the Lord

  2. I love how the snow actually exaggerates the rib in the scarves. I would imagine that, as the snow continued to fall, the ribbed pattern would be obliterated altogether. You obviously caught this shot of the pattern at the right time!
    Looking forward to your March contribution to Graham’s photo challenge 🙂

    amypalko’s last blog post..Dear Mum,

  3. I love this shot – the colors seeping through the snow. Great contrast, and i don’t see snow here often but the shot really makes me able to vividly remember the taste, feel and sound of snow just looking at it 🙂

    Muse’s last blog post..Martians

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