Snowy Scarves


After the spider taking over the city, here my entry for Graham‘s February Photograph Challenge. This month, the theme is “pattern” and when I learned about it, I immediately thought of this picture.

I took it about a month ago, downtown Ottawa. I was shopping in the Byward market and it started to snow. Not blizzard snow, but yet pretty big flakes. Soon enough, the stalls were covered by a thin layer of the white stuff, but we kept on shopping anyway cause well, after all, we’re Canadians, right?

As you can maybe tell by the layout of my blog, I love colors and patterns, so I often take close-up of goods on display in markets: food, veggies, clothes and yes, scarves. I loved the mix of snow flakes and the fabric here.


Feel free to participate in the challenge as well!

PS: as you may have noticed, I changed my WordPress theme this week-end. Conclusion of the experience:
1) If you see any bugs, don’t worry, it’s gonna be fixed soon (I hope!)
2) I have a lot of posts sitting in my Feed Reader! I’m gonna start to catch up in a minute.
3) Hope you like the new layout! It’ll be improved this week.


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  1. WOW! First of all, I love the new blog look! You have a wonderfully creative mind 😀

    And then there is the photo of the scarves. Such an amazing and pleasing snap. It has so much to say…. The eye bounces from noticing the weather, to noticing the pile of scarves, and then onto the designs and colours of each scarf. It is so imaginative to have a photo of scarves in cold weather – the two elements marry each other perfectly within the shot.

    Zhu, this isn’t just a very good photo – it is an amazing photo. Perfect indeed!!! Congratulations!!!

    Warmest regards, Graham 😀

    Graham’s last blog post..The “Edit This Photo” Challenge

  2. The comments blue background with the black text is making hard to read. Perhaps you should change the text to white for better readability? Other than that, the new look is great!

    PS: you’ve been tagged for a meme. Please see my blog post.

    Rudy’s last blog post..Blego? What the heck is a Blego?

  3. @Keshi – Thanks 😉

    @kiviniar – You can never go wrong with posting a picture of yourself :mrgreen:

    @princesse ecossaise – Thank you! Yep, it’s pretty cold… although not that cold, just regular Canadian winter cold!

    @Lori – That’s so cool! Thanks cowgirl! 😉

    @kyh – I guess we would just say “bon nouvel an chinois”.

    @Max Coutinho – Happy new year to you too! Glad you liked the scarves. Are you into bright patterns as well?

    @Graham – I’m glad you like both, the new layout and the picture! I thought of this one right away when you decided the theme… hope I can come up with something good in March! I love this photo hunt!

    @Rudy – I’ll look into the comment look this week-end… maybe get something brighter. I though reading was still okay, but thanks for the hint! I’ll get to the meme soon.

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