1, Sussex Drive

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We headed to Rideau Hall, the official residence of the Governor General of Canada, as well as that in Ottawa of the Canadian monarch. The estate, located at 1 Sussex Drive, is huge. Like many officials places in Canada, such as the Parliament, it is open to general public for free.

While the main buildings are off-limits (they are used for state affairs), anybody can stroll the grounds freely. We took the chance to shoot some nice late Fall pictures. The trees were mostly bare but it gave the place quite an atmosphere. Plus, I had fun with the leaves on the ground!

Rideau Hall Rideau Hall
Rideau Hall Rideau Hall
Rideau Hall Rideau Hall
Rideau Hall Rideau Hall
Rideau Hall Rideau Hall


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  1. When I posted a picture of some wild persimmons you said you had taken some pictures that you thought were persimmons. Is the fruit in this post what you were talking about? If so I don’t think they are persimmons. They almost look like cherrys but I don’t know of any that fruit this early. Now I am curious. If you find out what they ar please let me know.
    .-= Bill Miller´s last blog ..Philbrook Flowers =-.

  2. Nice photos! While I always liked autumn as a season, what scares me is the clean up that one should do with the leaves. I mean, they’re just all over the place, and one should do it before the snow comes, since they will just rot if left unattended. It is indeed pretty, but it also means lots of work.
    .-= Linguist-in-Waiting´s last blog ..Battling with my Dentist =-.

  3. I came here to appreciate both the posts but the sunset one is missing now. Anyhow, the pictures make me envy and I so want to go there to see those lovely colors.

  4. That pic of you playing with the fall leaves is so sweet. Made me smile, reminds me of the pure innocent joy from when I was little and living in the midwest, thrashing about with my dog in all the fallen leaves.
    .-= Seb´s last blog ..Je Vais te Manger =-.

  5. @Agnes – Is Fall as beautiful where you live?

    @Nigel Babu – Thank you!

    @Bluefish – Yeah, I remember, the French Fall was like that too… I hated it.

    @RennyBA’s Terella – Here. it goes back and forth: one day hot, one day cold. Can’t complain too much considering it’s November.

    @Angela – Thank you!

    @DianeCA – I used to love playing with fallen leaves… okay, I still do 😀

    @Tulsa Gentleman – Same here actually! The last few days were very warm by our standard (15C).

    @CM-Chap – Thank you! I use a Nikon D60.

    @Khengsiong – Some were red, some were yellow, it depends on the trees actually. Like maple has red leaves for example.

    @Bill Miller – Yes, it was this one. I don’t think those are cherries. It’s hard to explain the scale from the picture because I took a close-up, but they were very small, like a fingernail I guess. Not sure what they are.

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – We have a very small yard with only one tree, so we are good. That said, I wouldn’t like to be raking the leaves in Rideau Hall, it’s a huge place!

    @Nisha – The sunset one is online now 🙂

    @Max Coutinho – Feng took it for me. We spent like 30 minutes laughing at each other, taking pictures in motion while playing with the leaves 😆

    @Seb – I’m still a kid I guess 😆

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