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Food in South-East Asia

Thai Coke Can

Coming from Australia, where food was expensive and not exactly haute-cuisine, South-East Asia was a foodie’s paradise. First, food is cheap by world standard and simple meal usually cost under $5. Second, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand have a “street food” tradition and numerous hawkers offer local delicacies on-the-go. Finally, the blend of flavours was simply amazing, from Thai curry to Penang's Nasi Lemak. Read More »

Signs in South-East Asia

Malaysian Stop Sign

I love taking pictures of signs because they tell so much about a country. For instance, Canada’s bilingual “stop-arrêt” sign is unique, and so are the many weather-related warnings, “ice falling” being my favourite. During our trip to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, I collected various signs. Read More »

The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black

The couple walked into the restaurant and sat right behind us. The first thing I noticed was that we had the same shoes, a pair of red rubber flip-flop, the kind everybody wear at the beach. Her feet were tan, like mine, and I could see a whiter patch of skin where the sandals’ strap rested. Read More »

Pulau Langawi

Pantai Cenang Beach

We had originally planned to cross to Thailand right after Georgetown, but we decided to linger a bit longer in Malaysia. Still looking for the perfect picturesque island, we settled on Pulau Langawi, which was said to have Malaysian’s best beach. Read More »


Batu Ferringhi

The empty streets were bustling with activity at night: we were right in Little India and we could almost taste the smell of incense, burning in front of most shops. We were also close to a Mosque, and the first night, we suddenly woke up to the sound of the prayer call in the wee hours of the morning—it was pretty surreal. Read More »

Kuala Lumpur

In Malaysia!

Crossing the street is best done with both eyes closed and a prayer book in hand, as you try to dodge trucks, cars, irate taxi drivers and motorbikes. The pedestrian green light, a flashing animated little stick figure that runs, sums it all up: run like hell. Read More »

Going to Malaysia

Bus Station in Singapore

An exit stamp later, and we were out. Entering Malaysia was similarly easy: no questions were asked and we were given a three-month permit on the spot. The only creepy factor was the huge posters everywhere that read “death by hanging for drug traffickers". Read More »