The Ad-Spot Contest Winners… Announced!

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It’s time to give out free ad spots!

And the winners of The “Win An Ad Sport” Contest are…

Okay, let me first take a red pen (teacher training blahblahblah). Oh, first of all, let me thank my contesters: Ghosty, Jé Maverick, Seraphine, JoAnn, Linguist In Waiting, Johnada, Beaverboosh, Theresa, Colleen, Aiglee, Art, Kyh and Scarlett.

So, here are the original questions and their answers (in red):

The Questions

  1. Sociology: Name three Canadian addictions. Several answers were possible: hockey, Tim Hortons (donuts…), weather, Quebec
  2. Vocabulary: Give the meaning of these words/ expressions:
    – Homo milk: homogenized milk, whole milk (US)
    A toque: from Quebec French “tuque”, it’s a winter hat
    – Block heaters:
    heaters used to warm up the car’s engine (we literally “plug” the car), a must to start the car when it’s way below zero
    – A serviette: the word “napkin” in French, very used in English Canada
  3. Geography: Canada is said to have two seasons: winter and construction, of course! Major road repairs are always in the summer… roads are extremely bumpy here, the cold weather and the salt we use in the winter usually destroy most roads.
  4. General knowledge: What’s an inuksuk? It’s an Inuit man-made stone landmark. You can see one on the Vancouver 2010 Olympics flag.
  5. Bonus question (not Canada related): what’s the common point between a lot of my blog posts’ titles? A lot of my posts titles refer to Canada, of course. But many of them are also a quote from a song: “I’m a passenger and I ride and I ride“, “The Division Bell“, “Scar Tissue“, “Lazy“, “Don’t Look Back In Anger“, “You And Whose Army“, “Losing My Religion“…

So, here are the lucky winners:

  • Johnada, author of “Johnada“, who scored 4.5/5 and blogged about the contest, making up for an extra point
  • Theresa, author of “The Rain In Spain“, with 4/5 answered correct, who blogged about the contest as well. Second time winner… good job!
  • Linguist In Waiting, author of “Linguist In Waiting“, who scored 3.5/5 and also blogged about the contest.

Congrats! Send me a small picture/ logo/ drawing etc. by email and I’ll put it in the ad slot for a month (er… I still have yours Theresa!).

As promised, I also picked a 4th contest to win a one month blogroll link and a short blog review. To pick the winner, I used a random number generator and got a seven. Seraphine, author of “Encore Seraphine” gets it, since she was the 7th commenter… and she was also the closest contest for the ad-spot, so I guess it’s fair (just luck though!). Now, let me introduce you to her blog, described as “A Web Comic that explores relationships and life’s great mysteries from the unique perspective of a Gothic woman“. Now, that’s something original.

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit her blog are the unique graphic. Seraphine, who owns Seraphine Model Management (SMM), a modeling agency in Second Life, uses captionned Second Life shots for her blog posts. Now, whether the posts are personal (like in her illustrated “Eight Random Things About Me“), illustrate our crazy lives (like in “Condiments“) or just deep thoughts (“Being Alone Is The End Of The World“), there’s always something fun and innovative to read.

On top of the unique graphics, Seraphine also posts a small poem or a thought and a quotation at the bottom of each post, which makes the whole thing even more memorable.

Seraphine: I seriously love what you do!

Some contestant were pretty close and I must say it was a tough call. That said, I’ll be having another contest in about a month, so you’ll get another chance! Thanks a lot for playing, I hope you guys had fun.


About Author

French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. Hi Zhu,

    I visited Seraphine’s site based on the link you provided, and I found her blog to be unique and original. One of the best I’ve seen.

    She’s very creative and very adept at concealing her persona via first and second life transpositions. The graphics are wonderful too.

    Congratulations on a successful contest, it has history, culture, art, and personal elements. Stay well. Maybe I’ll join the next one.:-) –Durano, done!

    durano lawayans last blog post..A Surge in Soldier Suicides

  2. I missed out on this contest…maybe i’ll pay more attention next time.

    As for juno…I’ve seen so many movies like it already in my ventures through movie “nerdom”

    sir jorges last blog post..The Last Christmas AKA Santa Kicks Ass

  3. Hi Zhu,

    Now that temperatures are rising its time to fly north for the summer from Aussie. Will be living in Midland,ON for 4 months each year. Looking forward to M&Ms, Molsons and Maple Syrup.

    Your blog has really developed.

    Best wishes, Bob

  4. Wow, I won! That’s fantastic. Living in Canada has paid off once again. I have to admit that I asked my office mate about the seasons question. Am I disqualified? If so I’m okay with that – I didn’t think I’d win anyway.

  5. @Art – Hope you will participate next time!

    @durano lawayan – You should join — with your general knowledge, you’d kick ass! Seraphine does have a great blog. I’m glad I found her!

    @Seraphine – You deserved it! Your blog is very original… I’ll keep on reading!

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – See, it’s working fine now! Sorry I was tired yesterday 😆

    @Theresa – You’re a genius. Must be that. Congrats!

    @Colleen – I’ll try to but most of my readers are English-speakers… Oh, you want to win the French one, don’t you!

    @Jé Maverick – Sorry sorry sorry! Next month, maybe? 😉

    @Aiglee – You should participate next time, it’s fun! I’ll do something about Latin America or Toronto 😉

    @sir jorge – Maybe I liked Juno cause I Oded on French movies in France… who knows! Participate next time, it’s fun… nothing to lose!

    @Celine – I’m glad you like it!

    @Beefybob – Good timing, the weather is really nice now in most of Ontario, and the snow has melted. I’ll be reading about your Canadian “adventures”!

    @johnada – Nah, you can ask for help… I understand… 😉 I’ll put up your ad in a sec!

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