The Ad-Spot Contest Winners... Announced!


It’s time to give out free ad spots!

And the win­ners of The “Win An Ad Sport” Con­test are…

Okay, let me first take a red pen (teacher train­ing blah­blah­blah). Oh, first of all, let me thank my con­testers: Ghosty, Jé Mav­er­ick, Seraphine, JoAnn, Lin­guist In Wait­ing, Johnada, Beaver­boosh, Theresa, Colleen, Aiglee, Art, Kyh and Scar­lett.

So, here are the orig­i­nal ques­tions and their answers (in red):

The Ques­tions

  1. Soci­ol­ogy: Name three Cana­dian addic­tions. Sev­eral answers were pos­si­ble: hockey, Tim Hor­tons (donuts…), weather, Que­bec
  2. Vocab­u­lary: Give the mean­ing of these words/ expres­sions:
    – Homo milk: homog­e­nized milk, whole milk (US)
    A toque: from Que­bec French “tuque”, it’s a win­ter hat
    – Block heaters:
    heaters used to warm up the car’s engine (we lit­er­ally “plug” the car), a must to start the car when it’s way below zero
    – A servi­ette: the word “nap­kin” in French, very used in Eng­lish Canada
  3. Geog­ra­phy: Canada is said to have two sea­sons: win­ter and con­struc­tion, of course! Major road repairs are always in the sum­mer… roads are extremely bumpy here, the cold weather and the salt we use in the win­ter usu­ally destroy most roads.
  4. Gen­eral knowl­edge: What’s an inuk­suk? It’s an Inuit man-made stone land­mark. You can see one on the Van­cou­ver 2010 Olympics flag.
  5. Bonus ques­tion (not Canada related): what’s the com­mon point between a lot of my blog posts’ titles? A lot of my posts titles refer to Canada, of course. But many of them are also a quote from a song: “I’m a pas­sen­ger and I ride and I ride”, “The Divi­sion Bell”, “Scar Tis­sue”, “Lazy”, “Don’t Look Back In Anger”, “You And Whose Army”, “Los­ing My Reli­gion”…

So, here are the lucky win­ners:

  • Johnada, author of “Johnada”, who scored 4.5÷5 and blogged about the con­test, mak­ing up for an extra point
  • Theresa, author of “The Rain In Spain”, with 4/5 answered cor­rect, who blogged about the con­test as well. Sec­ond time win­ner… good job!
  • Lin­guist In Wait­ing, author of “Lin­guist In Wait­ing”, who scored 3.5÷5 and also blogged about the contest.

Con­grats! Send me a small picture/ logo/ draw­ing etc. by email and I’ll put it in the ad slot for a month (er… I still have yours Theresa!).

As promised, I also picked a 4th con­test to win a one month blogroll link and a short blog review. To pick the win­ner, I used a ran­dom num­ber gen­er­a­tor and got a seven. Seraphine, author of “Encore Seraphine” gets it, since she was the 7th com­menter… and she was also the clos­est con­test for the ad-spot, so I guess it’s fair (just luck though!). Now, let me intro­duce you to her blog, described as “A Web Comic that explores rela­tion­ships and life’s great mys­ter­ies from the unique per­spec­tive of a Gothic woman”. Now, that’s some­thing original.

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit her blog are the unique graphic. Seraphine, who owns Seraphine Model Man­age­ment (SMM), a mod­el­ing agency in Sec­ond Life, uses cap­tionned Sec­ond Life shots for her blog posts. Now, whether the posts are per­sonal (like in her illus­trated “Eight Ran­dom Things About Me”), illus­trate our crazy lives (like in “Condi­ments”) or just deep thoughts (“Being Alone Is The End Of The World”), there’s always some­thing fun and inno­v­a­tive to read.

On top of the unique graph­ics, Seraphine also posts a small poem or a thought and a quo­ta­tion at the bot­tom of each post, which makes the whole thing even more memorable.

Seraphine: I seri­ously love what you do!

Some con­tes­tant were pretty close and I must say it was a tough call. That said, I’ll be hav­ing another con­test in about a month, so you’ll get another chance! Thanks a lot for play­ing, I hope you guys had fun.


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  1. Hi Zhu,

    Now that tem­per­a­tures are ris­ing its time to fly north for the sum­mer from Aussie. Will be liv­ing in Midland,ON for 4 months each year. Look­ing for­ward to M&Ms, Mol­sons and Maple Syrup.

    Your blog has really developed.

    Best wishes, Bob

  2. Wow, I won! That’s fan­tas­tic. Liv­ing in Canada has paid off once again. I have to admit that I asked my office mate about the sea­sons ques­tion. Am I dis­qual­i­fied? If so I’m okay with that — I didn’t think I’d win anyway.

  3. @Art — Hope you will par­tic­i­pate next time!

    @durano lawayan — You should join — with your gen­eral knowl­edge, you’d kick ass! Seraphine does have a great blog. I’m glad I found her!

    @Seraphine — You deserved it! Your blog is very orig­i­nal… I’ll keep on reading!

    @Linguist-in-Waiting — See, it’s work­ing fine now! Sorry I was tired yesterday 😆

    @Theresa — You’re a genius. Must be that. Congrats!

    @Colleen — I’ll try to but most of my read­ers are English-speakers… Oh, you want to win the French one, don’t you!

    @Jé Mav­er­ick — Sorry sorry sorry! Next month, maybe? 😉

    @Aiglee — You should par­tic­i­pate next time, it’s fun! I’ll do some­thing about Latin Amer­ica or Toronto 😉

    @sir jorge — Maybe I liked Juno cause I Oded on French movies in France… who knows! Par­tic­i­pate next time, it’s fun… noth­ing to lose!

    @Celine — I’m glad you like it!

    @Beefybob — Good tim­ing, the weather is really nice now in most of Ontario, and the snow has melted. I’ll be read­ing about your Cana­dian “adventures”!

    @johnada — Nah, you can ask for help… I under­stand… 😉 I’ll put up your ad in a sec!

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