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The Byward Market

You guys know how much I love mar­kets. I already showed you Toronto’s, Nantes, and Mon­tréal’s local mar­kets but for some rea­son, I had never really taken pic­tures at the Byward Mar­ket in Ottawa.

The Byward Mar­ket is some­what of a fix­ture in Ottawa. It is located down­town, close to the Rideau neigh­bor­hood, between Sus­sex and Rideau St. There is a main mar­ket build­ing (very sim­i­lar to Kens­ing­ton Mar­ket in Toronto or to The Forks in Win­nipeg), sur­rounded by an open-air mar­ket on George, York, ByWard and William Streets.

I don’t care much for the mark­ing build­ing which is a bit of a tourist trap. The small restau­rants inside are always packed but quite over­priced — imag­ine a fancy-looking mall food court. The area around the build­ing is nice though. First, it is the city’s pre­mier bar dis­trict. There are tons of restau­rants to choose from, rang­ing from the touristy Hard Rock Café to smaller gems like the Ahora, a Mex­i­can can­teen. There is always some­thing going on and buskers are quite inven­tive here.

But what I like best is the farm­ers’ mar­ket, which oper­ate almost year round. I don’t eat much meat but I need my veg­eta­bles and I could eas­ily sur­vive on that alone. Prices are quite good and the prod­ucts are fresher than at the super­mar­ket. Besides, most are locally grown… and they look good!

You can see the whole Ottawa Sum­mer set here.

Byward Mar­ket

Been There for 53 Years!


Ontario Fruits

Toma­toes Under the Rain

Fresh Fruits and Veggies


Québec Apples




Québec Apples

World Famous Cheese

Ontario Peaches


Fruits Stand



  1. I love the 53 years! For some rea­son I dis­like the mar­kets in Paris, it always feel like such a rip off that I pre­fer going to my supermarket.

  2. I love those toma­toes sold in wooden pun­nets.
    They’re so rare in Eng­land these days.
    What you nor­mally see these days are plas­tic punnets.

  3. I love mar­kets as well. There are an increas­ing num­ber here, in Ire­land, but some can be quite deceiv­ing as they are too small and often over-priced.
    I went to the By-Ward mar­ket when I was in Ottawa in June and bought some deli­cious rasp­ber­ries at half the price because it was time for them to wrap it up. I remem­ber always going to Tal­en­sac in Nantes around lunch time and always get­ting fan­tas­tic offers, some­thing that does not seem to hap­pen in Ire­land, not yet any­way.
    Is the mar­ket on dur­ing the win­ter as well? What local veg would they have then?

  4. Most women pre­fer to do shop­ping in malls. You’re different :P

  5. I love farmer mar­kets too. Your pho­tos inspired me to shoot some pho­tos from the mar­ket too! So colorful~ :)

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