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blogThere are hundreds of national stereotypes that people mock all around the world. Some of them true, some of them little more than a tall tale. We have the Irish who drink too much. The entire population of the USA being overweight. And the Italians, well they love their Mamma’s cooking. And whilst these all aren’t strictly true, there is one country that more than lives up to its stereotype. Canada.

Often at the butt of jokes for being overly friendly, the North American country is perhaps the friendliest country in the world. And it’s something that’s been a part of the culture for generations.

The culture in Canada is very diverse. Coming from all different religious and racial backgrounds, the country has Aboriginal beginnings, whilst over the years mixing with the French and British settlers creating a unique culture, and vibrant atmosphere.

Generally most Canadian people are of Catholic or Protestant faith, though aside from religious beliefs, morally and socially they are pretty much shared across the nation.

The nation prides itself on equality and is relatively free of class distinctions. Partly why it’s known as the friendly city, people are treated with the same rights and respect regardless of anything, whilst some aspects of Canadian life are split between English and French speaking provinces.

The French, as you would expect, are much more touchy-feely during conversations whilst English speakers prefer little touching amongst unfamiliar people, except on the ice rink of course!

Sport plays a large part in Canadian life and have some deep lying traditions out on the rink. The country has seven teams in the National Hockey League, whilst in Calgary their junior team the Hitmen have an annual tradition where fans throw teddy bears onto the ice to be donated to a children’s hospital.

Canadian generally enjoy their sport and leisure and don’t take either too seriously. Nothing exemplifies this more that gambling. Whereas Americans rush to Las Vegas in the hope of making a huge payday, Canadians treat gambling as just another leisure pursuit. In a survey taken by the Canadian Gaming Association, it was found that 48% of gamers who play at the casino tables and online slots say their primary reason to gamble is because it’s an enjoyable activity.

Similarly whereas the US has made internet gambling illegal, Canada has adopted an altogether more relaxed approach as described here, realising that most people are playing a few games of slots from home as a way to relax.

And that seems generally to be the Canadian way. To enjoy life, free of stress. And the statistics show. Only 22.7% of Canadians reported that most days were a little stressful in 2012, while south of the border, 77% of US citizens regularly experience stress, showing it pays to be Canadian.


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  1. I’m definitely one of those full contact on-the-ice Canadians. Haha! Well… maybe half contact. But I did smack a guy in his cage when he was roughing me up. I mean, come on – you are twice my size!