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The End of Fall

The last leaves are falling, the sky is moody, the days are get­ting shorter and it’s a bit colder every­day. Almost win­ter, I guess.

To non-initiated peo­ple, it’s hard to explain what is going inside a Canadian’s head right before win­ter. It’s a mix of fear and pride, a mix of appre­hen­sion and excitement.

Win­ter can be fun, at first. The first snow fall is usu­ally beau­ti­ful: a pure white blan­ket cov­er­ing the city, cov­er­ing the dirt­i­ness (and the pot­holes). The fol­low­ing storm is stronger and next thing you know, you are shov­el­ing two feet deep of snow to get out of the house. Daily tasks can be a pain: get­ting up in the cold, get­ting dressed, get­ting around — all that takes longer.

But the slow descent into win­ter is also some­what sooth­ing. We are like ani­mals: we eat more, we stay home and we (try to) sleep longer. After all the excite­ment of the sum­mer and the long days, it’s some­what com­fort­ing. So let’s all grab a cup of hot choco­late and snug­gle in lay­ers of thick sweaters.

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  1. @Seraphine — That’s how I feel! I actu­ally don’t mind the cold and snow too much till Xmas. It’s part of the sea­son, really. But Janu­ray is tough, Feb­ru­ary is often bru­tally cold and March is the worse, as we are still deep in snow while the rest of the world has some kind of Spring. Plus, I was born on Spring Day and bliz­zard that day feels depressing.

    @Soleil — I hope so too… I’m not in the shov­el­ing mode yet!

    @Max Coutinho — I really had no idea it was still so warm over there. I can’t even imag­ine it… I already look like a snow­women in my big win­ter coat!

    Lucky sun­shine girl ;-)

    @Lizz — Thank you! I barely got any pump­kin shot this year, some­how I didn’t real­ize it was Hal­loween till the end of the month.

    @expatraveler — Thank you!

  2. Yo, what did you dres­sup as?
    .-= Priyank´s last blog ..Toronto Tues­day 01.41 =-.

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