The Forbidden City (故宫)

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Located right behind Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace of the Ming and the Qing dynasties (the last two ones).

The place itself is huge: we walked around for about four hours. There are so many gates, walls and inner courtyards to keep you busy for a whole day! Afterwards, we climbed the Jing hill to get a better view.

The Forbidden City Viewed From Jingshan (景山)

The Forbidden City Viewed From Jingshan (景山)


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  1. Salut Zhu,
    As always, so nice to see you 😉
    I’m glad to see that you are enjoying everything & taking advantage 100% !
    That’s the way to do it …
    I will next week be also flying,but the other direction.
    I left you my dates & contact numbers; no panic. You still have my blog & my e-mail is on the profile.

    Bisous 🙂

  2. @barbara – I thought of you! Hope your trip goes fine. I’ll be in touch!

    @RennyBA – The climb was tough but I thought of you guys… I HAD to take a pic! 😆

    @beaverboosh – So far so good!

    @kyh – They sure liked their housing!

    @Annie – I think it’s because the “common” people couldn’t get in. It was only for the emperor etc. That said, in Chinese, it doesn’t really translate as the Forbidden City, it must be an English or foreign name.

  3. I am sat here in my lounge with a cup of tea, working my way through the posts of your amazing adventure. Each time I finish one, I think “it can’t get better than that”. But Zhu, it does!!! Another beautiful set of photographs. I love the final photograph of the Forbidden city, it really provides a sense of how big and how enormous it is. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like to be living in there. I have read and heard so much about it and would love to visit it someday.

    Grahams last great read…A little preview of where I live and work

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