The Great Wall (万里长城)

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长城 - The Great Wall

长城 – The Great Wall

What’s the best activity if it’s 45C and you slept only 6 hours the previous night because the hostel was noisy? Climbing the Great Wall, of course!

We got up early and caught a bus to Badaling (八达岭), the most famous Great Wall stretch, two hours away from Beijing. I climbed the Great Wall in 1999 and I was looking forward to doing it again. Only that time I was prepared: I had good shoes and water. Two details I had forgotten the first time I was there (being a stupid 16 years old).

Climbing the Great Wall is tough. It’s hot and within minutes we were literally dripping sweat, the steps are high and the slopes can be quite slippery. Basically, it’s harder than it looks. But hey, the view is well worth the climb!

For some reason, we were greeted by bears at the entrance. I still wonder whether they were captured in the wild nearby the Wall… I hope not!

Er...are they roaming around?

Er…are they roaming around?

First View

First View

Big Wall

Big Wall

Admiring The View

Admiring The View

Graffiti On The Wall

Graffiti On The Wall

No More Climbing!!

No More Climbing!!


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  1. A Cowboy's Wife on

    OMG, just amazing. To visit and walk on such a historical landmark.

    A Cowboy’s Wifes last great read…Say Hello to My Little Friends

  2. Those are amazing photos. When I went the weather was very hazy so unfortunately the view was nothing like as good. It’s great to see what I missed.

    Have fun!

    Lizs last great read…Shoot a Lonely Planet cover photo

  3. Wow … I so want to be you right now. 🙂 Except for the climbing. You can be you for that. :p

    Ghostys last great read…The Benefits of Solitude

  4. That’s my girl. This is the Best part of China; tiring enough though 😀

    So you climbed entire wall? Did you make certificate by your name there? There you get those (Fake) certificates 😉 It’s fun!

    Thanks for those lovely pics. We are getting a good ride of China because of you! Take care!!

  5. @A Cowboy’s Wife – I’m lucky, this is my second time!

    @shionge – I think the bear park is new, I didn’t see it either in 99.

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – Amazing isn’t it? It’s a truly amazing place to visit.

    @Liz – The weather is rarely that good, I think we were lucky.

    @Ghosty – Ah man, you can’t go there without sweating and climbing!

    @CM-Chap – You’re welcome! Sorry, your comment was caught as a spam at first, I unspammed it of course.

    @Scarlet – Are you sure? 😉 The climb is tough!!!

    @expatraveler – I do feel lucky!

    @Annie – I didn’t get a certificate but hey, I have pics! 😉

    @Shantanu – Thank you!

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