The Interview

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Seb, a fellow blogger, just sent me these question to answer… just keep in mind I just spent the night designing learning plans for my students and that it’s fairly late ! I’ll do my best anyway.

1. You’ve lived in Canada for a while now (from what I understand), have you gotten a chance to explore this vast country? What kind of interesting creatures have you seen in Canada?

This is so embarrassing. Thanks Seb for hitting a touchy spot right on the first question ! (crying).

(Finished crying) I actually don’t know Canada that well. I live in Ottawa and visited several places in Québec and Ontario (Montréal, Québec, Toronto…) but that’s about it. Pretty embarrassing considering I traveled quite a lot around the world.

I guess by the time I temporary settled in Canada, I didn’t have the traveling mindset anymore. I had to adapt, culturally speaking and get a job etc. However, I do plan to travel West when I get a chance, hopefully soon.

As for interesting creatures…

  • Hockey players: they are barbaric, blood-thirsty and live in big cities where they belong to a sect called the NHL. Off-season, they help doctors, surgeons and dentist make big money (detached retina, dislocated elbow, teeth missing problem need to be addressed) Once a year, all the teams fight for a silver trophy. Just weird.
  • Tim Hortons customers : they are up very early in the morning and their primary instinct is to go to a holy place they call “Tim”. Here, they queue for hours for a burning hot liquid poured into a XXL paper cup. They then proceed to add 1 pound of sugar in it. I don’t get it. Are they drinking cough sirop ?
  • Canadians in the spring: they wear sandals, short and tee-shirt as if they were at the beach. Problem is, it’s just above 0C. My tribe doesn’t do that unless it’s at least 20C.

… Oh, did you mean animals ?

2. What kind of crazy celebrity antics would you do if you were rich and famous? Please explain your debauchery in detail.

  • I would beg Quentin Tarantino to give me a part in one of his movie. I’ve never dreamt to be an actress, but I really would love to see me as one if his crazy character.
  • I would indulge myself in endless Spa treatment. Not the painful bikini waxing kind of treatment : I’m thinking massages, pedicure, massage, massage…
  • I would have a personal cook at home. And somebody else to do the dishes.
  • I’d travel around the world as the seasons change. “Winter” in the southern hemisphere, summer in Europe, Spring in Canada, Fall in Asia etc.
  • I’d have my favorite author to write my biography.

And so much more…

3. Rabbits. What do you believe, are they furry cute cuddly creatures, or scheming blood-thirsty maniacs?

We actually have quite a lot of rabbits here. They usually scare me to death when I go for my last cigarette before I sleep. I see something moving, coming towards me and OH MY GOD !… it’s a rabbit !!!

So they have to be maniacs. I’m not going into their sex life man, this is sick.

4. Who is your favorite character in a television series? Why?

I don’t watch much TV series, but one of my all time favorite movie character is Uma Thurman (Black Mamba) in Kill Bill.

[Warning, spoiler] Black Mamba loved Bill. She had her baby. She realized that she had to choose between her mentor, who probably would have convince her to keep on living the crazy life and raise the baby girl this way, or her baby. She chose her baby. He tried to kill her.

From the moment she wakes up in the hospital, it’s just beautiful. She is a woman with a mission : to take a revenge on her lover and to get her kid back. Even if she has to kill on her way, even if she has to ignore her own feelings for Bill. Strong woman !

5. You have moved away from your home country, France. What do you miss about it? What do you not miss?

I guess I miss the way cities are designed in Europe. I used to live in the city center and walked everywhere. If I really had to go far, I took the tramway or the subway. Here, in North America, we need a car to get around. Cities are usually very big and not designed around a city center, but around suburbs. It’s sometimes still confusing to me, cause I tend to think the city center is the place to be and to shop, whereas most people go to suburban shopping malls…

When I first came, I used to miss everything anyway. The language, the way of life, the people, the rebellious spirit, the politics… It got better as I adapted. This feeling didn’t last long. In Rome, do like the Romans do, right ?

As for what I don’t miss… Living in Canada, I realized how much Europe in general and France in particular were stuck, locked in its contradictions. Europe carry the weight of history on its shoulder. They can’t do anything before referring to the past. They distrust anything new. They don’t dare to drive a new road. Politics, for instance. Nobody in France would elect someone who hasn’t been in politic for at least 25 years. Talk about new blood and new ideas ! In North America, everything looks possible. Feels good.

I went through several phases as in immigrant. I guess we all do. First, you dislike your new country, everything looks better at home. Then you dislike home, because you changed and you don’t understand it anymore. Then you settle, and admit that a different country, a different continent means a different way of life…


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  1. Those were wonderful answers!!! And I understand about not having explored Canada yet, sometimes life (and job) prevent us from travelling as much as we’d like. And those city creatures, the ones in the NHL, they sound scary 🙂

    And what you said about France and North America, I totally get that!!! I love France, but it really seems stuck, so focused on the past. While there are certain things I don’t like in the US, I do appreciate the ability to get things done and try new things… but the thing about city centers, that is very frustrating here, it forces you to have a car, unless you live in a city on the east coast, or possibly Chicago… my favorite form of transportation is the bicycle, but with the way most US cities are built, it makes it hard to bike to work and things like that…

    Anyways, loved the answers!!!

  2. Princesse Ecossaise on

    “I’m not going into their sex life man, this is sick.”

    haha!! t’es vraiment marrant toi!

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