The Kindness Of Strangers


Some days, life is just sur­pris­ing. And I love it.

My little gifts...

This is the lit­tle pack­age I received this morn­ing, and some of you may know the sender: Shionge, author of So Shiok…! The best part? Shionge and I never met (although we came close to last year when she trav­eled to North Amer­ica with her fam­ily!) and she sent me these lit­tle gifts out of kind­ness!

A while ago, I blogged about Four Lit­tle Things and I men­tioned my old Tiger Balm (万金油) that I bought long time ago. Shionge com­mented and offered to send me some from Sin­ga­pore, where she lives — Tiger Balm, although widely used every­where in the world and found through­out Asia, is man­u­fac­tured in Sin­ga­pore, so I guess she’s very famil­iar with it! I thanked her and we exchanged addresses.

And today, I found this lit­tle pack­age in my mail­box. When I started to open it and noticed all the lit­tle things she packed, I felt like a kid on Christ­mas day! I found some choco­late and some sweets, two pots of Tiger Balm (one red and one white), a small Sin­ga­pore mag­net, beau­ti­ful cup pads, a small bag… all that nicely pack­age with a small note with it. I felt sur­prised, grate­ful and it found myself smil­ing. This was pure kind­ness. Shionge, you made my day!

This isn’t the first time fel­low blog­gers sur­prise me. When I first started blog­ging, I would find help in forums and some peo­ple went to great lengths to give me a hand. I think of Jack Book, for exam­ple, who would cor­rect my Blog­ger tem­plate and email it back to me. He even cre­ated a hack for me (Blog­ger only… I used Blog­ger at the time). How sweet is that?

A few months ago, Renny, author of RennyBA’s Ter­alla, sent me a small troll, all the way from Nor­way. I replied by send­ing some fudge. I loved the atten­tion and it was a nice sur­prise. Oh, and the troll is doing well, he adapted to Canada just fine although he still speaks Nor­we­gian from time to time!

Some reviewed or awarded my blog (see my “Fame…!” page). Some helped me solve cod­ing prob­lem or cre­ate hacks on the Dig­i­tal Point or the Blog­geries forum. Some of you guys read almost all of my posts and fol­low up.

All that out of kindness.

From the bot­tom of my heart, thank you.


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  1. @sir jorge — I know, I miss it some­times… we all use email instead.

    @Jemima — And this one was much appreciated!

    @RennyBA — I wouldn’t have thought we were such a strong net­work when I first started blog­ging, but I’m glad it turned this way.

    @Travis — This one was cer­tainly a great sur­prise and made my day!

    @bluefish — Peo­ple care. They do. They just don’t know how to show it most of time.

    @Scarlet — So Shionge is well known among you guys! Funny! This was cer­tainly a great sur­prise, she is so sweet!

    @Feng — And trust me, I wasn’t expect­ing that one!

    @Ulquiorra — The green­ish thing is Tiger Balm but very con­cen­trated I think. I don’t like this one… I like the balm best. It’s mostly for sore mus­cles or insect bites.

    @durano lawayan — Thank you for the kind word. I believe our per­son­al­ity show in blog­ging as well, you can tell peo­ple who are inter­ested in the world and self­ish ones.

    @Ulquiorra — I only kill mos­qui­toes, you’re fine 😉

    @kyh — It’s one good side of blog­ging, isn’t it!

    @Graham — … and I just love sur­prises! Oh, by the way, I will post my entry for the pho­to­hunt next week 😉

    @shionge — Thank you again, sweet girl! I can’t tell you how sur­prised I was, I open the pack­age with Feng and we were both oooh and aah! Two lit­tle kids, I’m telling ya 😉

    @Aidan — Nah, not that much con­fi­dence… but Shionge is a sweet girl and I’m glad I got to know her!

    @Linguist-in-Waiting — Funny, isn’t it?! Almost none of my read­ers know me in real life, my friends don’t read Eng­lish that well. Only a cou­ple do, one good friend in Paris and another one in Ottawa, that’s it.

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