The Kindness Of Strangers


Some days, life is just surprising. And I love it.

My little gifts...

This is the little package I received this morning, and some of you may know the sender: Shionge, author of So Shiok…! The best part? Shionge and I never met (although we came close to last year when she traveled to North America with her family!) and she sent me these little gifts out of kindness!

A while ago, I blogged about Four Little Things and I mentioned my old Tiger Balm (万金油) that I bought long time ago. Shionge commented and offered to send me some from Singapore, where she lives — Tiger Balm, although widely used everywhere in the world and found throughout Asia, is manufactured in Singapore, so I guess she’s very familiar with it! I thanked her and we exchanged addresses.

And today, I found this little package in my mailbox. When I started to open it and noticed all the little things she packed, I felt like a kid on Christmas day! I found some chocolate and some sweets, two pots of Tiger Balm (one red and one white), a small Singapore magnet, beautiful cup pads, a small bag… all that nicely package with a small note with it. I felt surprised, grateful and it found myself smiling. This was pure kindness. Shionge, you made my day!

This isn’t the first time fellow bloggers surprise me. When I first started blogging, I would find help in forums and some people went to great lengths to give me a hand. I think of Jack Book, for example, who would correct my Blogger template and email it back to me. He even created a hack for me (Blogger only… I used Blogger at the time). How sweet is that?

A few months ago, Renny, author of RennyBA’s Teralla, sent me a small troll, all the way from Norway. I replied by sending some fudge. I loved the attention and it was a nice surprise. Oh, and the troll is doing well, he adapted to Canada just fine although he still speaks Norwegian from time to time!

Some reviewed or awarded my blog (see my “Fame…!” page). Some helped me solve coding problem or create hacks on the Digital Point or the Bloggeries forum. Some of you guys read almost all of my posts and follow up.

All that out of kindness.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


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  1. @sir jorge – I know, I miss it sometimes… we all use email instead.

    @Jemima – And this one was much appreciated!

    @RennyBA – I wouldn’t have thought we were such a strong network when I first started blogging, but I’m glad it turned this way.

    @Travis – This one was certainly a great surprise and made my day!

    @bluefish – People care. They do. They just don’t know how to show it most of time.

    @Scarlet – So Shionge is well known among you guys! Funny! This was certainly a great surprise, she is so sweet!

    @Feng – And trust me, I wasn’t expecting that one!

    @Ulquiorra – The greenish thing is Tiger Balm but very concentrated I think. I don’t like this one… I like the balm best. It’s mostly for sore muscles or insect bites.

    @durano lawayan – Thank you for the kind word. I believe our personality show in blogging as well, you can tell people who are interested in the world and selfish ones.

    @Ulquiorra – I only kill mosquitoes, you’re fine 😉

    @kyh – It’s one good side of blogging, isn’t it!

    @Graham – … and I just love surprises! Oh, by the way, I will post my entry for the photohunt next week 😉

    @shionge – Thank you again, sweet girl! I can’t tell you how surprised I was, I open the package with Feng and we were both oooh and aah! Two little kids, I’m telling ya 😉

    @Aidan – Nah, not that much confidence… but Shionge is a sweet girl and I’m glad I got to know her!

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – Funny, isn’t it?! Almost none of my readers know me in real life, my friends don’t read English that well. Only a couple do, one good friend in Paris and another one in Ottawa, that’s it.

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