The Shop Is Open!

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The Shop Is Open!

The Shop Is Open!

The shop is open!

A while ago, inspired by my English buddy Graham, I decided to build a shop for this website, to sell some photography. After a lot of tweaking and editing, the shop is finally ready! Check out the navigation bar, below the header, or just click on The Shop.

I absolutely love taking pictures (well, you may have noticed that…) and since I only have one eye, I like to say I was born for this (it is also my excuse for poor driving and terrible parallel parking). I have been looking to sell some of my photography for while now, but it wasn’t an easy road.

I wanted it to be affordable and also of high-quality. I looked into selling stock photography, but the idea of my pictures illustrating corporate websites didn’t appeal to me. I much rather preferred selling pictures to people who would actually look at them and enjoy them. I have been experimenting with RedBubble for two months now, and I have been really happy for far.

I selected my best pictures and you can choose from cards (under $3.00!), matted print, laminated print and mounted print. You can pay with Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and Amex. If you click on the “view and buy” button below a picture, you will be taken to RedBubble where the checkout will take place.

As a special offer, I will link to all the buyers. This blog has been doing pretty well so far, so it can only benefits you as well.

So if you are sick and tired of your white walls, if you are looking for an artitist card to send to a friend, don’t hesitate: shop here!


About Author

French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. When I find another job, I’m treating myself to your “Niagara Falls” photo. It’s beautiful! NF is a place that holds many childhood memories for me. I must go back…and I must have that photo!!

  2. Great work and as always it adds more to the site. I hope this gets you some well earned cash, and gets your photos to the right type of people.

  3. Hey, congratulations, shop owner! I know what you mean about stock photography, I’ve been pointed that way but I haven’t been that keen on it. If someone wants a photo, they usually ask me directly.

    *goes off to look at the shop now*

  4. Dear Juliette aka Zhu 🙂
    I had a look at your new shop, it looks promising. I’ll recommend it to people interested in such photography. All the best!

  5. Hi Zhu,

    The photos are beautiful! I am not really surprised since I had the same reaction to those you’ve been taking since way back. You may have one eye but it certainly beats the two I’ve got hands down. Photography requires creativity, imagination, skill, and a knack for angles and light, and you certainly have it.

    The selections are very good. Congratulations! The store will surely be a hit. You have great talent for this and opening this store is likewise a great idea. 🙂 –Durano, done!

  6. @Guillermo – Thank you for your buena suerte wish!

    @Agnes – Thank you!

    @Scarlet – I love Niagara Falls as well, not so much for the mini-Vegas atmosphere, but for the falls. Unique! I took this picture on the American side of the falls this year. It will be waiting for you, so I hope you get a new job soon!

    @Sidney – Thank you!

    @Adem – Well, I figured it was definitely worth a try.

    @Priyank – Thank you!

    @Annie – I accept all wishes, I need them 😉

    @Bluefish – I’m lucky that the camera takes really sharp pictures. I actually like point and shot because they are not big and awkward like some really fancy cameras.

    @Gail at Large – Thank you! Anything from you means a lot when it comes to photography, because I really respect your work. You should open a shop as well!

    @Celine – Thank you very much!

    @Baoru – It’s “open and ready for business” 😉

    @Max Coutinho – Thank you Max! I’m a very very small entrepreneur… 😉

    @durano lawayan – Thank you! Although sometimes I have been told I have too much imagination 😉

  7. Sometimes I’m afraid to take out my point-and-shoot, as I don’t like people see me as the stereotypical crazy Asian with camera:p So I think people will judge less if I have a professional camera on you:p I can’t help to take tons of pictures wherever I go.

  8. I am sure your creativity will matter more than wishes 🙂 I am very sure this will work great for you. My best wishes will always be with you! 🙂

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