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French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. A Cowboy's Wife on

    I really do envy you, your travels, and your cute haircut;) I would cut mine short but then I’d really look fat.

    Just so you know, I read you every day.

    A Cowboy’s Wifes last great read…My Rocco is Gonna Be On Dancing with the Stars!

  2. Second interesting temple! Its real Heaven.

    Hey this is not done; it’s just a temple and you are tired 🙁 You still need to go to “Great Wall Of China” yet 😀

    BTW I am waiting for updates for “Closing Ceremony of Olympics” 🙂 Did you attend it? Looks like I missed you on TV 😉 Are you going to go to Paralympics? It’s from September 6–17, 2008. Hope you would gives up updates on that as well 😀

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