The Tower of London

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Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress, the Tower of London, is actually more a castle than a tower. It is among all famous for being the home of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom.

The castle is made of several buildings set within two concentric rings of defensive walls, and a moat, which is now dry. Currently stored in the Waterloo Barracks, the Crown Jewels are one of the main attractions. No picture was allowed and the Yeomen Warders, the ceremonial guardians, make sure that everybody respect the rule — I only took a picture of the door. Pretty impressive jewels and diamonds, trust me!

There are quite a few other exhibitions highlighting the history of the Tower as a prison, as an armory, a treasury and the national mint.

You can follow our trip to the U.K here on Flickr: United Kingdom.

Medieval Age

Window on the Castle

Waiting to Get In

Yeoman at the Door

Defending the Castle

English Guard

Detail of a Lamp post


Red Coat and Buttons

Detail of an Armor

Guarding the Crown Jewels

Old and New


Door of the Crown Jewels

Little English Soldiers


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  1. Lots of history at the Tower of London. I enjoyed the Armoury – the collection of suits of armor worn by various characters. I hope you got pictures of the ravens – the out sized crows whose absence indicates that the Tower’s time has come. Actually they don’t have the option of flying away as their wings are clipped.

  2. I loved the Tower of London, the Crown Jewels, and all that. I remember the guards were very active. They don’t like you sitting stuff down like backpacks and walking off and there are always people who don’t get that. The guards would chew them out royally.

    Lots of and lots of history.

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