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Roger Waters of Pink Floyd doesn’t look 67 years old. Maybe it’s the drugs; maybe it’s his weird twisted mind. Who knows. He can still put up a show and his songs are still oddly rel­e­vant today.

On Sun­day night, Feng and I went to see The Wall Live in Ottawa. I’m too young to be a child of the sev­en­ties, I grew up with Pink Floyd music as my dad loves them. I first lis­tened to his vinyls and then even­tu­ally bought my own CDs of the band’s main album. The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon, the Divi­sion Bell… I love the fact the lyrics are open to inter­pre­ta­tion while songs like Money, Time or Run Like Hell speak for themselves.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from The Wall. While I love the CD, the 1979 movie is a bit too weird for me. We stepped into Sco­tia­bank Place and found the place packed—the con­cert was sold out. On the stage, half a wall was built with white bricks.

Roger Waters came on scene at 8 pm sharp. Fire­works lit up the place and he began singing. “So ya
Thought ya/ Might like to go to the show/ To feel the warm thrill of con­fu­sion and/ That space cadet glow”.

He went on with The Thin Ice and the huge screen behind him started show­ing videos of sol­diers killed on duty dur­ing WWII, the Gulf War and more recently, in Iraq or Afghanistan. Slowly and incon­spic­u­ously, crew mem­bers added bricks to the wall as the show pro­gressed. Even­tu­ally, the wall was com­pleted and Roger Water sang “Hey You” from behind it, before reap­pear­ing again at the front of the stage. Var­i­ous giant pup­pets were used: the teacher (“hey, teacher, leave the kids alone! All in all you’re just another brick in the wall…”), the mother and the wife, lurk­ing at the audi­ence, appear­ing and dis­ap­pear­ing from behind the wall.

The wall served as a screen to project mes­sages, quotes and elab­o­rated ani­ma­tions towards the end of the show. “Are there any para­noid peo­ple in Ottawa?,” asked Roger before start­ing Run Like Hell, dur­ing which were dis­played logo of the major car and oil com­pa­nies, as well as the dol­lar sign. Dur­ing Mother, the ques­tion “Mother, should I trust the gov­ern­ment?” was answer by a three word sentence—“no fuck­ing way”, dis­played on the wall in the Pink Floyd’s sig­na­ture font.

Even­tu­ally, the room started to chant “tear down the wall!” and the music grew louder dur­ing The Trial. The wall was destroyed in a mat­ter of sec­onds and the musi­cians all played an acoustic ver­sion of Out­side The Wall.

All apolo­gies if the pic­tures aren’t the best… We had great seats and I enjoyed the show. This is not the kind of con­cert where you focus on tak­ing pic­ture of the band.

Roger Waters

Roger Waters

The Hap­pi­est Days of Our Lives

Young Lust



Is There Any­body Out There?

The Show Must Go On

In the Flesh

Com­fort­ably Numb

Run Like hell

Run Like hell

Half-way Through The Show, the wall is Built

Tear Down The Wall!

End of the Show


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