Things That Suck

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Things That Suck

Things That Suck

Life is beautiful. Yet, some stuffs just plain suck. My top ten list of things that drive us crazy every single day:

Commercials before the movie: as a kid, I would always arrive early in the movie theater because I loved to watch a long string of previews. They would make me dream, they would leave me yearning for more, they would entertain me. But now, I always try to be 15 minutes late because I just can’t stand the never-ending commercials. The one for cell phone with the little fish, the one for a Hummer with the little calf (?!), the one for the credit card with the little kid… I pay for a movie. I want my movie. NOW! I’m sick of swallowing bullshit.

Monday morning: because after resting a whole week end, enjoying free time, catching up with some sleep and having fun, nothing is harder than getting up way too early to go to work. Especially it’s not like anything gets done on Monday am anyway.

Gas price: on my way to work, it’s 102.6$. On my way back to work, it’s 103.7$. On week-ends, it’s 105.8$. When it’s snowing, it’s 106.3$. Now, let me know: is a two years old picking up random number everyday? That sounds like the most likely option, because I just can’t believe something happens on the oil market just about every hours.

Telemarketing: has anyone ever bought something from a telemarketer? Enlighten me! If someone calls to ask if you need to replace your windows, what are the chances that are gonna go: “absolutely sir, that’s exactly what I was my wife and I were talking about over diner when you called! Tell me, which numbers do you need on my credit card?

People who go door-to-door: if calling people during mealtime to sell them shitty products doesn’t work, going door to door won’t either. You calls bother me. And I can’t put up with unexpected visits of people who want me to: 1) join their sect 2) buy their insurance policy 3) donate to their fake charity.

Spam: I do not need Viagra. How many times do I have to tell you? And I’m still wondering what does the daily gibberish I get in my comments (thanks Akismet) mean: “vyfos korehete gyhma” according to my latest comment. Should I delete it or should I attempt to reply “hggsty yywb bsy” to my fans in Ukraine/ Kazakhstan/ Mars?

The new French President: do you know who I hate more than the American President? The new French President! I stopped reading French newspapers because the guy is everywhere: “me and my first wife, me and my second wife, me and the top model I currently sleep with, me calling French people morons, me playing with the government, me, me, me“. The overambitious arriviste Sun King is a right-wing zealot, who go on luxury holidays paid by his friends and meanwhile encourage people to “work more to make more money” (hint: extremely high unemployment rate??). Worse president for France e-v-e-r. I almost regret Chirac.

The hype about making money online: some people are good at marketing, some have innovative ideas, some are naturally good leaders, some write great tutorials but let’s face it — the rest of them just sucks. Please, don’t think I’m talking about you. No, I’m talking about people who think they can make millions out of a blog with no content, just by installing Adsense and spamming people. I’m thinking of the people who scrap your blog content and respite it at theirs. Making money online is possible, I don’t doubt it. But it takes some work, as everything else in life. Duh.

The fine print: why is life so tricky? I squint on the restaurant coupons I receive to make sure they’re still valid. They are, but only for “lunch” on Tuesday between 2:30 and 4:15. I think my bank overcharged me and call them to rectify the mistake — just that they were no mistake, these are the “new rates. as specified in you last bank statement“. Oh yeah, the Arial size 4 line at the bottom right corner of my bill. Right. I don’t mind you scamming me but please, could you avoid straining my eyes while doing it?

You call: what is you pet peeve?


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French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. I agree with you on the commercials on the movie thing. There’s just so many of them!

    I also hate the telemarketeers, that is why I registered my phone number on, so that it wouldn’t be accessed by the telemarketeers. So far, it works.

    I have two other pet peeves that I can think of right now. One is a totally male thing, when I stand at the urinals, and immediately it automatically flushes. I haven’t begun yet, and it already flushes the water, splashing me all over. I hate those automatic sensors.

    My other pet peeve is when people actually forward e-mail to others without actually seeing whether the content of the e-mail is true or not. Most of the time it deals with hoax warning messages, hoax date rape drugs, hoax crime experiences, among others. I always check it on the internet whenever I receive one, and then I send it back to the sender together with the hoax proof. That usually quiets them down.

  2. I applaud all your choices except for the French president and that’s only because I know so little about Mr. Sarkozy. I do recall that the lady he defeated was quite attractive though…

    My pet peeve would have to be intolerance. I suppose we are all intolerant of some things or on some issues but it just seems that so many people make it a way of life. And gleefully at that! It irks me terribly. Maybe I am intolerant of intolerance?

  3. I was actually supporting Royale… I have no comments on Sarkozy though.

    And hey, I do love the movie previews in cinemas! It gets me excited every time seeing a new movie is in town soon!

    And yes, all those telemarketings, spams, and not to forget, door-to-door evangelism! I particularly hate that!!! What to do… it’s their duty. 😥

  4. I used to pay $4 a month NOT to be listed in the phone book and got very few telemarketing calls. It was probably worth it.

    Now, I get a boatload every day. Usually, I just say ‘No thanks’ and hang up. However, I occasionally use the calls as an opportunity to re-activate the Yorkshire accent of my childhood – this is very immature of me, but does help me get through the difficult arrive home/get cooking fast hour 😉

  5. Doing dishes.

    People who walk three wide on the sidewalk and don’t move over when I’m coming from the other direction (this seems to be quite popular in Toronto).

    People on the subway who stand in the doorway when they are not getting off.

    Oh yeah, and most of all, clowns!

  6. 🙄


    Hey I got sent this ~ ♥ ~ with instructions to pass it around and to ask you to pass it around ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ as much as you please or can…



  7. Linguist-in-waiting: how could I forget the forwarding email thing?? I hate that too! Worse part is, I don’t want to offend my friends or co-workers, so I usually don’t say anything… but in fact I should send them to Hoaxbuster!

    Art: intolerance… yes, it gets to my nerves sometimes. Especially when I hear all the debates about immigration (foreigners stealing about culture blah blah blah) and when I see how little respect some people can have for each other.

    Kyh: wow, you know French politics? Cool! I’d have chosen Royale as well, but mostly because I dislike the other guy… not sure she would have been a great president either to be honest.

    Wapentake: you can be as immature as you want with telemarketers, that’s the unspoken rule 😈

    Jessica: I think most people do… especially telemarketing and spam, I mean 👿 :mrgreen:

    Ghosty: don’t tell me you thought I’d need it! 😆

    Johnada: yep, doing the dishes. And shoveling. Which should be a lot of fun tonight. Can’t speak for the subway, we don’t have it in Ottawa!

    Alexander: so, do you have any pet peeve?

    Gledwood: “love is all around” 😆

    Lis: do you share some of my pet peeve?

  8. Agree with you about evething, althrough I dono much about Sarkozy *sorry, if I spell It wrong. 🙄 and gas prices

    Gas price here are so much cheaper than in Europe that we are only happy

    About movies. I’m happy here, becouse I can see more trailers than in Spain, there we had only comercials 👿

    Also the stupid comercials on TV and their quantity drives me crazy. Althrough sometimes I enjoy wantching nice funny comercials becouse of their ideas.

    Talking about Europe, I would say uncareful drivers in Spain, selfish in France, and absolutely crazy in Italy. As we used to be on the road a lot, it used to bother us.

  9. nah i don’t follow them politics closely. The reason I supported her was I’d like to see a new age for Europe, a continent lead by womenfolk. Hey, it’s time for gender equality isn’t it? Though I’m a man, I’d like to see a change in those traditional male-dominated fields. And I’m sure females would be less likely to go for wars, if there’s ever be one. 😉

  10. I agree totally! Especially telemarketers…I often want to tell them to get a REAL job, but then I think they probably need that one sucky job they have. Sometimes I do ask for their name and telephone number so I can think about their offer and call them back on their free time… 😳

  11. I can’t think of what suck right now as I just had to tell you, I’m in our vacation home in Sweden with my wife – a relaxing weekend you know – and we are enjoying the Maple Fudge 💡

  12. Good list! However, I don’t mind the commercials before a movie when I am in a multiplex. I also love all the trailers and hate to miss them. 🙄

    As for Mr. Sarkozy, the press in India went crazy speculating if his muse Bruni would accompany him to visit the Taj during his recent visit to India. Sadly (for the TV and tabloids) she didn’t come with him. 🙂

    Looks like he married her this weekend!

  13. i’m going to try and comment on most of these :p

    1- i love watching the previews… always tells me what i should keep an eye out for in the next few weeks/months! if youre talking about the regular commercials, well i dunno, theyre not that annoying, are they? you know theyre gonna be there so arriving 15 minutes after is not a big deal :p

    2- this isn’t annoying. its just FRUSTRATING!

    3- you poor guys. here we pay the exact same amount 😛 ah.. to live in an oil producing nation

    4- they’re always fun to play with. i actually got a telemarketer calling me to sell a mortgage loan and i ended up selling him life insurance instead (back when i worked in life insurance :P)

    5- lol, same as above.

    6- i love gmail! it filters all sorts of spam

    7- he makes me laugh… more like a celebrity than a president… but hey, thats just the francios way, isnt it

    8- oh, to be an internet millionaire…

    9- true. always read the fine print!

  14. You are so funny! I also wonder who goes for the telemarketing pitches–it must be someone if the companies think it’s worthwhile to do it!

  15. Hey Zhu,

    Merry Monday to you :)!

    Commercials before the movie: LOL I know what you mean; I can’t stand commercials anymore *nodding*…
    Monday Morning: I have no problems with Mondays; I kinda like them…but there again I work from home lol…
    Gas Price: *no comment*….
    Telemarketing: LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL….
    People who go door-to-door: LOL LOL LOL LOL I adopted a technique…they ring, I pretend I am 10 years old kid and say “I can’t open the parents are not in!” LOL LOL It works all the time…I hate door-to-door salespeople…
    Spam: LOL LOL LOL this one is great LOL LOL!
    The new French President: Oooh, I like Monsieur le Président Sarkozy! I do not agree with you on this one, mon amie :)…”me and my first wife, me and my second wife, me and the top model I currently sleep with, me calling G«French people morons, me playing with the government, me,me,me” LOL LOL LOL of course now he has married the top model, haven’t you heard? They got married last Saturday. Anyway, at least now the image of France is changing: before everybody thought that the French didn’t know how to speak English, now with Sarkozy’s ministers we can see that English is after all a language that is welcomed by the French…it is good.
    The hype about making money online: interesting, I didn’t know this! I agree that it is hard to find blogs with content…*nodding*!
    The fine print: you know!? LOL

    I like the new looks: congratulations! 🙂 I like it.

    I came to tag you for a simple tag, but then I got lost in this marvellous post:

    Max Coutinho’s last blog post..2 tags: Smile, love and…

  16. Yeah, I agree with you about almost everything. Well, gas prices don’t bother me too much since I don’t drive, but the rest bugs me too. I’d have to add all the annoying people in the supermarket who meet people they know and take up the whole aisle. It’s like running an obstacle course. I also hate people who go around talking really loudly on their cell phones, so the rest of us have to hear every detail of their lives.

    Theresa’s last blog post..Romeo, Pray for mercy from Puss… In Boots.

  17. Hi ZHU,
    You asked us/me to comment about things that sucks, well what sucks 🙁 me is that it took me a while to find on YOUR blog how/ 😕 where to comment!!!!

    But finding it now!!!
    But I’ll keep on trying, I must say that I also don’t know WHY we first see you old blog, than we have to link to the new blog… Is it maybe possible to link immidialy to the new version? Or not?

    I like to visit your blog anyhow so I will come back!!!


    Through JoAnn’s D Eyes’s last blog post..Pretty Truck- On the road….

  18. I can’t believe gasoline in Canada is less than $1.50. is that per liter or gallon? If it’s per liter, than its about $4.50 per gallon. Are those prices I’ve see above in Canadian or American dollars. i’m from California where the price is actually dropping from last weeks $4.55 per gallon in American dollars to $4.35 at the local ARCO gas station. 7-02-08

  19. Great Article!!!!
    One Exception-Mon­day morn­ing……i.e for a freelancer or a DJ 😛 ; Mon­day morn­ings cant be so boring. But again exception to the rule applies when a Freelancer is loaded up with lot of Work on Mon­day :).

    • I agree, Monday morning as a freelancer can be boring as you are waiting for the rest of the working world to give you assignments!

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