Tiananmen Square (天安门广场)



For some, Tianan­men Square will remain the place where the tragic and absurd hap­pened: in 1989, the Chi­nese gov­ern­ment bru­tally repressed pro-democratie protests and demon­stra­tions. Tianan­men square is also the place where Mao Zedong pro­claimed the People’s Repub­lic of China on Octo­ber 1st 1949, and where many move­ments started, such as the May 4th Move­ment.

Today, Tianan­men Square remains one of the sym­bol of Mao’s dis­il­lu­sion of grandeur, a huge square — the biggest in the world — ded­i­cated to him, China, the “people’s heroes”, and jeal­ously guarded night and day by the Party. The lamp­posts sport video cam­eras and the square itself is heav­ily mon­i­tored by uni­formed and plain clothes police­men… Yet, a lot of Chi­nese still gather on Tianan­men to watch the flag cer­e­mony either at dusk or at down, take pic­ture, fly kites or just visit the site of so many key event in Chi­nese mod­ern and con­tem­po­rary history.

Arriving On Tiananmen

Arriv­ing On Tiananmen

Hanging Out On Tiananmen

Hang­ing Out On Tiananmen

Little Girl Among The Crowd

Lit­tle Girl Among The Crowd



Guarding The Square

Guard­ing The Square

Mao\'s Mausoleum

Mao’s Mau­soleum

China\'s National Museum

China’s National Museum

Chang An Jie

Chang An Jie

Changing The Guards

Chang­ing The Guards

Lowering The Flag

Low­er­ing The Flag

People\'s Heroes Monument

People’s Heroes Monument

In Front Of Qianmen

In Front Of Qianmen


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  1. Nice one! And thanks for the his­tory and details of the place. Oth­er­wise we would not have real­ized the mean­ing and depth of the place. Thanks Zhu! Have Fun!! :)

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