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20+ Tools For Your Blog (9/10)

Wel­come to my new “How To Blog” series! In this series, I’ll try to put my knowl­edge to good use and shed some light on the basic of blog­ging. You will learn how to set up a self-hosted blog, what are the must-have plu­g­ins, how to attract read­ers, how to mon­e­tize your blog etc. I’ll pub­lish a new “How To Blog” post every Saturday.

Today, I’d like to share some­thing even more per­sonal than clothes, make-up or a tooth­brush: book­marks. We all have our favorite sites or tools to make blog­ging eas­ier… here are mine: a col­lec­tion of links to online tools, great blogs and gen­er­a­tors for the geeks impaired.

Note that all these tools are free and none of these links are sponsored!

For Blog Design:

  • Fav­i­con From Pics: an online tool to cre­ate fav­i­cons (the small icon by the url of a web­site) from reg­u­lar images.
  • Color Scheme Gen­er­a­tor: to cre­ate a nice scheme for your blog.
  • Screen Res­o­lu­tion Checker: although most of us now use larger mon­i­tors with a 1024 x 768 res­o­lu­tion, there are still some 800 x 600 users. Would your blog look fine with this res­o­lu­tion? Have a look! Note: this tool only works with IE 5.5 or higher… not Fire­fox for some reason.
  • Browser­shot: this tools test your web­site in dif­fer­ent browser… well, over 50 actu­ally, includ­ing some browsers you have never heard of! This is really use­ful because browsers such as Inter­net Explorer are well-known to dis­play some fea­tures dif­fer­ently. With this tool, you just enter your blog’s URL, book­mark the page, and pick up your screen­shots later. You can view them online or down­load them. And good luck fix­ing the cross-browsers bugs afterwards!
  • Flickr Toys: do more stuffs with your pic­tures! Make a jig­saw puz­zle, a mosaic, an inspi­ra­tional poster, a badge, a movie poster… Over 40 tools to do orig­i­nal things with your pic­tures. Note: you need to open a Flickr account to upload your pic­tures, either from Flickr, either from your computer.
  • 101 Fonts For Design­ers: a list of fonts to download.
  • Noupe: a great design blog, which often fea­tures design ideas, CSS tricks and “best of” lists.
  • Smash­ing Mag­a­zine: a design web­site which fea­tures free­bies (icons, wall­pa­pers…), graphic inspi­ra­tion, how-to…

For cod­ing (HTML, CSS) :

  • Kotatsu: this one gen­er­ates HTML tables. Per­fect to align pic­tures two per two.
  • Drop­down Menu Cre­ator: gen­er­ates a cus­tom drop­down menu. Just enter your links and get the HTML code.
  • CSS School: CSS tuto­r­ial with exam­ples, quizzes, ref­er­ences, and an editor.
  • Word­Press Max: a great blog which focuses mostly on Word­Press, with tips and arti­cles on plu­g­ins, themes, mon­e­tiz­ing etc.
  • Hack Word­Press: a blog about themes, plu­g­ins, code, and Word­Press hacks.
  • Web Designer Wall: a blog mostly about design but which also fea­tures great CSS tuto­ri­als. It has an amaz­ing theme!
  • Pro Blog Design: design and hacks.
  • Theme Lab: Word­Press cod­ing tutorials.

For SEO (Search Engine Opti­miza­tion) and mar­ket­ing your blog:

Blog Forum:

  • Dig­i­tal Point: a huge forum for coders, design­ers, web­mas­ters, mar­keters and more.

Hope you will find some­thing use­ful for you! And don’t hes­i­tate to send me your best links, I’ll add them to this list.


  1. @Ulquiorra — Color scheme saved my life more than once!

    @Michael Mar­tin — You’re wel­come, your blog is a good resource!

    @Shantanu — You’re wel­come! ‘Hunt­ing down’ can be quite time-consuming.

    @RennyBA — I like Flickr because I bought an account and kept all my pics there, but Pho­to­bucket is good too.

    You can use the drop­down menu cre­ator for any plat­form, since it’s just a piece of HTML you can paste in one of your “text” wid­get. I cre­ate my blog (in the side­bar) with that tool. Email me if you have any trou­ble with it!

    @DianeCA — And don’t hes­i­tate to ask when you’ll be mov­ing on WP” I’m sure Ren­nie can help as well… he will!

    @Aiglee — Come on, pimp out your blog! ;-) Just kid­ding, it looks fine and I know cus­tomiz­ing can be time-consuming…

    @Eric “Speed­cat Hol­ly­dale” — You’re wel­come! The snow has melted, we are good up there. ;-)

    @kyh — You’re wel­come and good luck with the SEO!

    @Gary — No prob­lem, I love being a trip advi­sor. ;-) You still have my email, don’t you? Oth­er­wise, just use the con­tact form in the navbar.

    @Ulquiorra — It’s a plu­gin: WP Sna­pa­vatar. You can find it here: http://darkx-studios.com/?p=286

  2. Hmm…Well, I already coded the Snaps by hand, since I’m so clever lol.

    Will be a pain to switch the tem­plate this way, so I should prob­a­bly get the plugin.


    Ulquior­ras last great read…What Were They Thinking?

  3. Hey Zhu,

    Another hit! I found these tips to be rather use­ful, and I selected three sites to visit, thanks :D!


    Max Coutin­hos last great read…Ran­dom Thoughts

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