Picture of the Week: Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam in Ottawa, June 2013

Traffic Jam in Ottawa, June 2013

Despite being a fairly large city plagued with the usual issues associated with any urban environment, Ottawa is home to a variety of wildlife. For instance, in our suburban neighbourhood, a fifteen-minute drive from Parliament Hill, we have plenty of rabbits, squirrels, skunks, turtles (!) and many beautiful bird species. It was a surprise to me—in France, we had pigeons, that was about it.

The City of Ottawa even has a page dedicated to the local wildlife (admittedly, this is probably for folks living in the National Capital Region’s rural areas), listing bears and coyotes!

The other day, we were trying to park by the War Museum when we had to slow down for local traffic—a flock of geese crossing the road.

Life in Ottawa…!


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