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Picture of the Week: Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam in Ottawa, June 2013

Traf­fic Jam in Ottawa, June 2013

Despite being a fairly large city plagued with the usual issues asso­ci­ated with any urban envi­ron­ment, Ottawa is home to a vari­ety of wildlife. For instance, in our sub­ur­ban neigh­bour­hood, a fifteen-minute drive from Par­lia­ment Hill, we have plenty of rab­bits, squir­rels, skunks, tur­tles (!) and many beau­ti­ful bird species. It was a sur­prise to me—in France, we had pigeons, that was about it.

The City of Ottawa even has a page ded­i­cated to the local wildlife (admit­tedly, this is prob­a­bly for folks liv­ing in the National Cap­i­tal Region’s rural areas), list­ing bears and coyotes!

The other day, we were try­ing to park by the War Museum when we had to slow down for local traffic—a flock of geese cross­ing the road.

Life in Ottawa…!


  1. Whoops!! At least you slowed down for them!! It is often the same here too! They were lucky you slowed down!!

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