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Trav­el­ing from the East to the West meant fol­low­ing the sun… and not sleep­ing much because we shared the plane with two minor league soc­cer teams on their way to Toronto (one day, I’ll tell you about in-flight food fights… I’m still too trau­ma­tized to speak!). I was seated by the win­dow and snapped a few pic­tures along the way.

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Tak­ing off in Paris… a lot of thick clouds — I rarely get to see them that close, much less fly through them!

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A few hours later, fly­ing over… Green­land! See­ing ice­bergs was just amaz­ing. Keep in mind we were at least 10 000 feet above ground level, so the “small” chunks of ice were prob­a­bly actu­ally huge! The sea was so blue as well… just amazing.

5 6

Fly­ing over Canada… see­ing land for the first time in about seven hours (long hours — did I men­tion the food fight?). This was prob­a­bly Prince Edward Island or New­found Land. Looks pretty cold, doesn’t it?

7 8

Over North­ern Que­bec, and then land­ing in Mon­tréal…

The flight was tir­ing but pretty unique oth­er­wise. It was my first time tak­ing pic­tures from above… and I loved it!


Oh by the way… I have just update to Word­Press 2.5 yes­ter­day night and I’m telling you, Word­Press users, do it as soon as you can! The new ver­sion is just perfect.

I usu­ally upgrade using Fan­tas­tico (lazy me) but couldn’t wait to test WP 2.5, so I upgraded man­u­ally, fol­low­ing the instruc­tions. Funny thing, first time of my life I actu­ally under­stand Word­Press instruc­tions! Any­way, every­thing was com­pleted in about 30 min­utes and all my plu­g­ins worked just fine, except one called “Pop­u­lar­ity Con­test” — but I found a fix.

I didn’t like the new admin inter­face much but I found a new plu­gin, Flu­ency 1.1, which is more user-friendly.

My favorite new Word­Press 2.5 fea­tures?

  • The one-click plu­g­ins upgrade
  • Wid­get management
  • The new fresh feeling!

Don’t wait any longer… down­load Word­Press 2.5! (damn, I don’t even get paid for say­ing that!)


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