What Australians Love to do in Canada

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It’s widely known that Aussies love the sun, the ocean, surfing and all other activities that are possible thanks to Australia’s perfect weather. However, they also enjoy travelling a lot and hence they often decide to visit cold and charming countries such as Canada.

The True North is a top destination among Australians thanks to the numerous top spots waiting to be discovered. Canada has so many things to offer to tourists, that sometimes they need to come back several times in order to experience them all.

Nonetheless, there are always top five activities that people prefer in comparison to the rest. Thus, here is what Aussies find to be the most attractive and unique to them in USA’s favourite neighbour.

Visit Casinos at Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Don’t be surprised about this one. Australians love gambling and that’s no secret. There are so many Aussie-friendly casinos out there that it’s impossible to count them. For example, get free spins at many online casinos on a site that offers generous bonuses, holds two licences and accepts Australian players.

Hence, it makes perfect sense for Australians to combine beautiful nature and gambling. The best place in Canada to do so are the top properties at the Niagara Falls like Casino Niagara, Fallsview Casino Resort or Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino.

All establishments are top notch and boast with impressive casino floors.

Check Out Quebec Province

Experiencing French-Canadian spirit at its finest is possible in the Quebec Province and Australians know this very well. Enjoying the wonderful art, food, music and architecture is a real treat to all senses and thus many people go for this adventure.

Plus, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is the only city in North America that is stone-walled. Cool, right?

Experience Stanley Park

Stanley Park in Vancouver is a must see attraction on all Canada top places lists. Unsurprisingly, it’s pretty attractive to Aussie travellers too. This gorgeous place offers a lot of activities to those that will decide to pay it a visit.

Here are some of them:

  • Picnics – so many picnic spots are available at Stanley Park, it would be a shame to miss them;
  • HorseDrawn tours – ride in an old-fashioned horse-drawn vehicle and enjoy the beauty of Stanley Park;
  • Photography tour – book a 2-hour daytime photography tour and go home with some impressive shots of the city;
  • Bike – enjoy a biking tour around the park.

Discover Montreal

Montreal's Skyline

Montreal’s Skyline

It’s impossible to pick one activity that Aussies love to do while in Montreal. The city offers so many amazing attractions and sights, that it simply must be mentioned as a whole separate adventure.

There are, however, top three things that deserve to be highlighted.

  • Visit Notre-Dame Basilica – stunning basilica with incredible artwork, woodwork and stained glass;
  • Paddle boating – rent a paddleboat and experience Old Montreal from an unusual perspective;
  • See Old Montreal – wonderful architecture, definitely worth seeing.

Go to Butchart Gardens

Located in Central Saanich, Butchart Gardens is a small heaven on earth. This masterpiece of gardening techniques will relax your mind and pamper your eyes. Aussies know this very well and thus they enjoy coming here over and over again.

Butchart Gardens let visitors fully enjoy nature, extra-ordinary plants and colourful flowers in various compositions.

Some spots that deserve special praise include:

  • Japanese garden – peaceful and unforgettable;
  • Rose garden – so many impressive colours and so many unforgettable scents;
  • Sunken garden – it looks great from the lookout and even better when you get to its cradle beds of annuals, flowering trees and unique shrubs.

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