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What's For Lunch?

Fear not: I’m not going to turn this blog into a cook­ing blog. I’m not that domes­tic. But lately, I’ve real­ized that every evening I was fac­ing the same dilemma — what to take for lunch?

When I was teach­ing, car­ry­ing lunch with me wasn’t a great option. First, I would often teach in var­i­ous min­istries through­out the day. I didn’t have access to a fridge nor a microwave. Plus, car­ry­ing my lunch around all day, going from one class to the other, wasn’t very prac­ti­cal. So I would often buy lunch, usu­ally a sand­wich or a soup.

But with my new job came an office, a proper kitchen, a fridge, a microwave and even a toaster. I can now bring my lunch to work and save money. Woohoo!

Not so fast. What to take for lunch? Left-overs are always an option, but even though we cook most evenings, we don’t always have some. If I were in France, I’d be bring­ing baguette sand­wich, but I find sliced bread sand­wiches a bit boring.

So I started to cook on Sun­day nights. First, the quiche. For those who don’t know what it is, a quiche is a French baked dish. The cus­tards is made off eggs and the fill­ing can be basi­cally any­thing from veg­etable to meat. Quiches are expen­sive at the super­mar­ket here, so I decided to make my own.

Here the recipe I use:
– One pie shell
– 4 eggs
– Ricotta cheese
– Cheese (grated cheese, feta, any­thing you like)
– Veg­eta­bles: zuc­chine, onions, red bell pep­per, mushrooms

  1. Mince the veg­gies and cook them in a pan
  2. Mean­while, mix  the 4 eggs and about 200 g of ricotta cheese in a bowl. Make sure it’s not lumpy and add salt and pep­per to taste.
  3. Put the veg­gies in the pie shell. Add a bit of cheese over the mix if you like. Pour the con­tent of the bowl and dec­o­rate the top with mush­rooms, red pep­pers etc.
  4. Put in the oven for about 30 min, 400F.

Easy and good! I usu­ally use non-fat ricotta cheese and a bit of feta cheese inside.

Ready to Bake!

Ready to Bake!

In the Oven

In the Oven

Looks Ready...

Looks Ready…



I also make cool sal­ads with­out let­tuce. In a big bowl, I mix:

– Bas­mati rice (or any non-sticky type of rice)
– Corn
– Tuna
– Toma­toes
– Avo­ca­dos
– Red Bell Pep­pers
– A bit of tofu

And I usu­ally use some low-fat Bal­samic Vinai­grette as dressing.



A Big Bowl of It!

A Big Bowl of It!

So, now I’m curi­ous. What are you eat­ing at lunch? Do you have any easy recipes to share?


  1. @Tanya — And I’m still too French for PB&J!

    @Seraphine — Really, true story? This is hilar­i­ous! I wouldn’t have known how to react, bet­ter laugh at it. I guess some hiker get really hungry! :lol:

    @Shantanu — So you will have to make your own! ;-)

    @Lizz — Quiche can be totally missed. I am quite picky, I like them home­made, I was dis­ap­pointed many times in restaurants.

    @expatraveler — And what do you snack on? I know, I’m curious!

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