When Boredom Strikes

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We have all been waiting at the airport gates for a delayed flight, or parted with our loved ones just to sit it out in a sterile hotel room waiting for tomorrow’s journey home. The television is a sad ordeal and you start thinking that perhaps watching paint dry or the kettle boil would be better alternatives. Do not fret! Here are some handy ideas for what to do when boredom strikes! Whether you soak in the bath or are one of the online slot players that win millions on the jackpot, knock back a bottle of maple syrup or pace through the neighbourhood to beat the boredom, you have options.

Where are you?
If you are somewhere relatively safe, a brisk walk is always reenergizing and makes for a great night’s sleep. Speak to the concierge or hotel receptionist for alternative walks around the neighbourhood. It’s scientifically proven that a 30-minute walk before bedtime is beneficial for a restful night.

Who are you with?
If together you can always think outside the box, put the smartphones away, and just have a good old-fashioned talk, that is one solution. Do you remember that thing we used to do? Before we started typing and lol-ing in the same room? What do you know about your friend’s family and his or her upbringing? Have you guys exchanged political views, dived into existential conundrums or figured out the opposite sex lately? No? Then get comfy and use your mouth and brain.

How long will it take?

Is there perhaps something you can reach and still be in time for your flight? Ask the hotel staff if they can keep your luggage after check-out. Train stations and even airports sometime, have lockable storage for your luggage. Jump on a train or tram, familiarize yourself with the local public transportation. Big spenders may afford a taxi. Go see something that wasn’t scheduled in your itinerary.

Nothing to do, nowhere to go?

If you have a wifi connection and a smartphone or a laptop the world is your oyster.

Ever tried online casual games? No? Then there is a world of potentially rewarding and most addictive online casino games out there just a click away. Sometimes they even give you free money to play for before you decide whether or not to play online casino for real money.

The reason we mention the jackpot games is because there are progressive online slots with jackpot prizes out there that could make your boring downtime at the gate a mind blowing experience.

You can’t do anything wrong when you’re having a kip!

Check your surroundings. If you feel safe, and have confidence that your belongings are safe as well – have a nap! It’s revigorating and refreshing. Use your cell to set a buzzer and soon you have fought boredom the best way nature can offer. A power-nap gives you just what it says- power.


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