Winter Fun

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This weekend marks the end of the Winterlude festival (but sadly, not the end of winter yet). I found myself hanging around in Confederation park, where it all started a couple of weeks ago, thinking I will miss the ice sculptures.

It has been a crazy month at work and I’m exhausted and stressed out. Taking pictures relaxes me though. I’m going through them and edit for a few hours now and then and this activity is strangely soothing.

Almost as soothing as eating maple toffee with the ice slowly melting on your fingers.

You can see the full set of the pictures taken during Winterlude 2010 here.

Phone Stuck In Ice

Playing Ice Tic-Tac-Toe

Maple Syrup

Two Buckets

Warming Up Hands

Outdoor BBQ

Canadian Lumberjack

Explaining How Maple Syrup is Made

Making Maple Syrup

Little Figurines

Cold Trees and Ice Mushrooms

My Ice Crystal Ball

Enjoing Maple Toffee

Making Maple Toffee


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  1. I also enjoy taking photographs and editing them. It engages my mind on something besides work i think. My days have been extremely stressful lately which is why I haven’t been visiting anyone much. You know what my line of work is so I am sure you understand the stress.

    I do miss the maple syrup. We had lots of Maple syrup production in Vermont and my Dad always used to take us up to see how it was made, and what they used it to make when it was finished. That candy looks delicious!
    .-= DianeCA´s last blog ..Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, and the Sunday before Lent =-.

  2. maple toffee sounds good! oh yum, now i really want some.
    the guy explaining maple syrup is wearing a funny hat. i wonder if he knows it looks funny. or if he doesn’t care. or if he thinks it looks cool. because, if he thinks his hat looks cool, then it’s cool. i like people who are a little bit different.
    .-= Seraphine´s last blog ..Don’t apologize to me, Tiger =-.

  3. @DianeCA – Same here, I think we both understand each other! It’s exactly that: it engages your mind in something else.

    @Yogi – Thank you! It’s cold, yet not so cold by Canadian standards.

    @micki – I bitch about editing yet I do find it interesting. Weeding out the bad shots, balancing the colors in the good ones… it’s fun.

    @Lizz – It is! Unfortunately, not the kind of treat I can mail you easily 😆

    @Tulsa Gentleman – Trying not to work too hard. I can’t just eat maple toffee every day to relax!

    @Seraphine – This guy was super funny. He works in a maple syrup house and was really into it. Super sweet too!

    @Heyoka – really? Personally, I’d kill for it 😆

    @Agnes – Do you feel the same?

    @Beth – Yes, I’m glad I have it. I would have gone crazy a long time ago otherwise!

    @Sidney – Thank you! I know winter looks good… but it’s bloody cold!

  4. Yummy in my belly ! mapple toffee

    Mixing up Ice sculpture into kids Tic Tac Toe: a great idea !

    Le gang des tricoteuses avaient subi à Paris l’année dernière, très drole les arbres emballés..

  5. I see much more culture on your side of this Country. Or maybe it’s because I have lived on the continent most of my life I don’t see it? It seems you have so many activities to go out and see and watch. I’m not so sure these are a West Coast theme. Canada customs are so different from one area to the next!

    Love the photos and yes I want to go join in on the fun!
    .-= expatraveler´s last blog ..A Photo Tour =-.

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