Winterlude 2011

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We came back to Canada just in time to take a peek at the 2011 edition of the Winterlude, our yearly winter festival. This was Winterlude’s last week-end and even though some ice sculptures partially melted because of a warmer weather spell last week, the crowd was here.

It was around – 10°C and we had to dress warm just to be able to stand outside for a while. My poor camera had quite a temperature shock after being dragged around in warmer countries—I thought it would freeze! And let me tell you that taking pictures when it’s that cold isn’t easy: either you take off the gloves and risk frostbites, either you keep the mittens on and feel like a monkey trying to press on the right button.

We hung out at Confederation Park for a little while, and then went for a walk on the Canal. People in Ottawa take pride in their ability to withstand the blistering cold winters and it amused me to see people eating poutine, hot-dogs and beavertails on the picnic tables outside.

As usual, I ended up with melted maple toffee all over my fingers but it was good fun.

Hockey Player

Year of the Rabbit

The Snowman


Peering Into The Fish Bowl

Canadians, Eating Outside by -10C

Snow Angel

Sir, Yes, Sir!

Er... Duh!

Carving Wood

Warming Up

Maple Toffee

Making Maple Toffee

Yes, I'm Cold

Learning to Skate

Give Me Your Hand


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  1. I was at the confederation park on Sunday before the crowd started. Didn’t see you though! 😉 I like the way you describe about taking pictures in freezing cold. LOL! That is me, feeling like monkey most of the time. 🙂

  2. This brings me so many memories. Thanks for the photos. I miss winterlude, the beavertails and the maple toffee, But not the -20-30 degrees is February.

    We are now in Brussels, around 0 Celsius in February. Everyone is complaining here that it is so cold, but it is not even close to what we experienced in Canada


  3. Love the pic of you saying you are cold. Ah yes a warm jacket like that with gloves, something we rarely wear out here! And I’ve heard so much about that maple.. Possibly one day we will visit in the cold there!

  4. @Linguist-in-Waiting – It’s exactly that! It tastes great, kind of like a cold lollipop. Except it melts everywhere.

    @Nui – I didn’t see you either but again, I’m terrible at spotting people in the street!

    @Sharon – The temperature is brutal here, I know what you mean. I like the country though!

    @expatraveler – It’s not always that cold though, last week it was well above zero. But yes, it can get cold… very cold…

    @khengsiong – If I can, the camera can! Seriously, yes, it does. I don’t leave it out for too long though and the battery drains a lot in a cold but I have never had any problems otherwise.

    @shionge – Oh yeah! It seems so long ago now…

    @kyh – It’s really good but it would melt in Butterworth 😉

    @Sidney – I know! I can’t believe a year went by already.

    @micki – Me too, it was cute.

  5. That is really cool that they go outside and enjoy themselves despite the cold. A lesson in there for all of us.

    I would sure like to try some of the maple toffee.

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