With a Little Help... From My Son


A while ago, I Googled “how to keep your tod­dler busy”. Yes, I like Googling par­ent­ing ques­tions—don’t we all want to “feel lucky?”

It turned out that, appar­ently, I am not the only mother won­der­ing how to keep a tod­dler enter­tained all day. One of the sug­ges­tions, on a well-known par­ent­ing web­site, infu­ri­ated me:

You can com­plete your daily house­hold chores with your lit­tle worker bee, who will enjoy emp­ty­ing clos­ets and play­ing with food. Put some flour, rice and cere­als on a table and let him be the chef! Sure, he will make a mess but you can always clean up after him!

Uh… yes but no. As if I wasn’t busy enough! I mean, I don’t mind when Mark explores the world and I am fully pre­pared to clean up the mess but I can’t actu­ally com­plete house­hold chores with him. And I am cer­tainly not going to encour­age him to play with flour or rice—come on!

Now, I do encour­age Mark to clean up after play­time and he is enjoy­ing putting his toys away in the big empty dia­per box.

He also likes to sort out the clean laun­dry with me. Well, he does it his way…

For more pic­tures of Mark, see his set on Flickr.

Yes Mark, stand here, very good!

Yes Mark, stand here, very good!



Don't. Please Don't. It's clean.

Don’t. Please Don’t. It’s clean.

Okay, pick it up.

Okay, pick it up.

Thank you!

Thank you!



Yes, this is my underwear.

Yes, this is my underwear.

Yes, Mark.

Yes, Mark.

Enjoy, you won't play with girl's panties before long.

Enjoy, it may take a while for you to see girl’s panties.

Done inspecting it yet?

Done inspect­ing it yet?

And now clean up the mess, please!
And now clean up the mess, please!

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  1. Aww cute :) It took awhile for my niece to get not to throw all of the clean clothes on the floor, but her face was price­less because she thought she did a good job. SO tough to be mad when they “look” so innocent 😛

    • Oh, my panties are not super excit­ing! I buy them from Calvin Klein (on sale) or La vie en rose (love them) 😉 Must be my French side, I’m not too shy about these kinds of thing.

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