1.. Make a Wish! 2… Be Grateful! 3… Spread Hope With This Giveaway!


Hol­i­day Lights at Château Lau­rier, Win­ter 2009

The hol­i­day sea­son is in full swing and no mat­ter what your beliefs are or what your back­ground is, it is the time of the year to feel grate­ful, joy­ful, hope­ful… and to make a wish!

And yes, there are prizes to be won!

Today, I’d like to invite every­one to enter a raf­fle and a giveaway:

Make a wish on West­ern Union Wish­ing Wall—you may win one of the 30 prizes of $500 each!

Enter to win one of the 6 gift cards of $25 to make a loan to an entre­pre­neur across the globe with Kiva, and spread hope around the world.

Cre­ate a Wish and Send the Gift of Pos­si­bil­ity with West­ern Union!

This sea­son, West­ern Union is hold­ing a fun cam­paign to make someone’s wish come true. Res­i­dents of Canada are all invited to upload or draw a pic­ture of a “wish” on the WU Wish­ing Wall Face­book page or on the WU Wish­ing Wall web­site.

Thirty lucky recip­i­ents will receive a $500 cash prize to help them achieve their dream, and make their wish come true!

To get started, down­load the app if you are post­ing your wish on Face­book, or go to the WU Wish­ing Wall web­site. There will be 2 raf­fle draws: on Jan­u­ary 15, 2013 and on March 1, 2013.

May your wish come true!

Win a $25 Gift Card to Make a Loan to an Entre­pre­neur across the Globe with Kiva

West­ern Union gen­er­ously offered me to “pay it for­ward” and to share some joy with read­ers of this blog with a small gift. I imme­di­ately thought of Kiva, my favourite char­ity.

Kiva is a non-profit orga­ni­za­tion that allows peo­ple to lend money via the Inter­net to peo­ple in devel­op­ing coun­tries through Kiva’s 142 part­ner micro­fi­nance institutions.

The the­ory is sim­ple: peo­ple in devel­op­ing coun­tries have ideas and projects but it can be very hard for them to obtain a loan to finance them because of the lack of col­lat­eral. Yet, entre­pre­neur­ship is a way to fight poverty and is a great tool for socioe­co­nomic devel­op­ment. The solu­tion would be to loan small amounts of money to found local projects, with a low inter­est rate.

As a lender, all you need to do is choose a project to help and loan as lit­tle as $25. Over the time, the entre­pre­neur repays the loan and you are cred­ited the repay­ment. You may choose to loan money again, or you can with­draw your capital.

You can read more about how Kiva works here.

I made five loans so far on Kiva. They were all repaid, and the entre­pre­neurs—Sonia in Peru, Emilio in Hon­duras, Isabel in Peru, Can­dida Rosa in Hon­duras and Her­nando in Guatemala—were able to reach their goals.

Now it’s my turn to pay it for­ward: I’m offer­ing six gift cards of $25 each for you to make a loan on Kiva, and spread hope around the world.

How to Enter to Win a Gift Card?

It’s easy: just share six rea­sons to be grate­ful this hol­i­day sea­son and link to this page. Let me know you entered by leav­ing a com­ment below, and I will draw six lucky win­ners on Decem­ber 20, 2012.

Let me start, by shar­ing “Six Rea­sons I’m Grate­ful this Hol­i­day Season”

I had an “easy” preg­nancy: Even though I com­pared being preg­nant to going through puberty all over again, I had it easy. I was able to travel to France dur­ing my first semes­ter, to NYC when I was six months preg­nant, and then to Lon­don and Nantes when I was seven months preg­nant. I did yoga twice a week up to the 37th week of preg­nancy, and the evening before giv­ing birth I actu­ally walked the 3 kilo­me­ters back from the hos­pi­tal to home! (Okay, I did NOT know I would be giv­ing birth a few hours later!).

Wish idea for the WU Wish­ing Wall web­site: If you don’t know what to wish for, make a wish for your fam­ily and loved ones!

I got the chance to be preg­nant and give birth. And these were awe­some expe­ri­ences… peo­ple tell me I must have been deliri­ous but I have great mem­o­ries of my labour and birth—I actu­ally enjoyed it!

Wish idea for the WU Wish­ing Wall web­site: There is so much to expe­ri­ence in life and in the world…! You could wish for a trip at home or abroad.

I got a baby boy! Of course, baby Mark Floyd is on my “things to be grate­ful for” list. This kid can drive me crazy some days but I’m in love with him. He is cute, smart, bright, funny… yep, I’m one of these “love to brag about my kid” moth­ers. I still can’t believe Feng and I cre­ated a new lit­tle human being from scratch!

Wish idea for the WU Wish­ing Wall web­site: Christ­mas is com­ing and I’m sure par­ents could make a wish for a nice sur­prise for their kids!

I started free­lanc­ing: Last year, I quite my posi­tion as an editor-in-chief and decided to offer my ser­vices as a free­lance translator/editor/copywriter/proofreader. Of course, at the time I had no idea I would be get­ting preg­nant and that 2012 would be such an intense year—but I don’t regret my deci­sion. Free­lanc­ing gave me the free­dom and pro­vides the breadth of oppor­tu­ni­ties I was look­ing for, and lit­tle by lit­tle, I’m mak­ing it work!

Wish idea for the WU Wish­ing Wall web­site: Want to start your own busi­ness? You could wish for a “starter kit”, edu­ca­tion or skill training!

Fam­ily and friends amazed me: One of my friends likes to say that “babies bring good things”. She is right: every­one amazed me this year. I got a lot of sup­port from my fam­ily and friends and I couldn’t have sur­vived with­out them.

Wish idea for the WU Wish­ing Wall web­site: Make a wish for a friend in need!

The blog is get­ting some love: I have been blog­ging since 2006 (!) and lit­tle by lit­tle, the read­er­ship grew and blog-related oppor­tu­ni­ties arose. I truly enjoy­ing craft­ing arti­cles and shar­ing sto­ries, and get­ting pos­i­tive feed­back helps me a lot. I’m thank­ful for amaz­ing read­ers, occa­sional or reg­u­lar, who stop by and take the time to read Cor­rer Es Mi Destino.

Wish idea for the WU Wish­ing Wall web­site: You could wish for traf­fic, inspi­ra­tion… or sim­ply spread joy by blog­ging about the event!

Read, set… wish and be grateful!


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  1. Great con­tests and love the idea of list­ing what you’re thank­ful for. I’ve been a long­time sup­porter of Kiva as well. It’s a won­der­ful orga­ni­za­tion and I really like that you’re help­ing peo­ple sup­port themselves.

  2. Hi Zhu,
    Such a wond­der­ful post!! You are a true world cit­i­zen to encour­age peo­ple in some of the very coun­tries that you have trav­eled in.
    And yes, grat­i­tude is healthy and brings us closer to a hap­pier life!

    I am grate­ful to have you as a friend :).

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