Your Guide to the Best Skate Spots in Canada


When it comes to skating, Canada has an abundance of sites. Whether it is skateboarding, inline skating or ice skating, there is something to suit everyone, from the experienced to the beginner.


Skateboarding is particularly popular with younger fans, although plenty of adults also engage in it. Canadian fans have no shortage of facilities in which to skateboard. Port Colborne, beside Lake Erie in southern Ontario, is home to the Alogoport skatepark, a great facility designed to resemble a ship. This skatepark features a central fun box with a curved cut-away and a seven riser stair set.


The cold Canadian winters mean ice skating is possible in many venues. For instance, in Quebec, the rivière L’Assomption is transformed each winter into two frozen corridors, ideal for ice skating and very popular with locals and visitors alike. Ice skating is something the whole family can do together. There is no pressure on anyone to race around an ice skating trail and users can follow routes at their own pace.


Inline skating is an ever-popular form of skating and Canadian fans have plenty of opportunities to indulge their hobby. Inline skating is also known as roller blading and involves the use of skating boots, the wheels of which are aligned in a single row to allow greater speed and increased maneuverability.


Over on the west coast, there is an abundance of skateparks in Vancouver and the surrounding region. Stanley Park in Vancouver has a roller blading trail that users can follow around the periphery of the park itself. For skateboarders, Gleneagles skatepark, located near to the ferry terminal, is a nice facility, with an open bowl layout as well as multiple spine and hip transfers for those seeking a greater challenge.

Skating is, of course, great fun, but it also has many health benefits. As well as burning calories and increasing general fitness, skating – in whatever form – is very beneficial in terms of improving balance and flexibility. Skating beginners will often talk about the falls and tumbles they have taken but with experience and practice come less falls and the skater also learns to fall properly so as to minimize possible injuries. Skating is also a great stress buster and can really help people take their minds off the worries of everyday life. Skating can also help people to think about things more clearly and to acquire levels of control that they might not otherwise thought they could have.

Parents might worry about their children taking up a hobby like skateboarding but they should really consider all of the health benefits rather than focusing on the possibility of accidents and injuries. The ready availability of skateparks means that young skateboarders are away from the streets, indulging their hobby in specially designed facilities. When it comes to determining what size of skates to use, sizing online makes it easy. For a great selection of inline and ice skates, as well as associated equipment, try K2 skates.


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