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I’m picky about food when it’s hot and humid, and there are a lot of restau­rants that I sim­ply avoid dur­ing the sum­mer because they serve what I con­sider is “win­ter food”.

Sushi, on the other hand, is one of my sum­mer favourite. It’s light, cool, low-fat and usu­ally comes in small portions.

The day after Canada Day, a friend of mine and I headed to Chi­na­town for a sushi lunch. Our first choice was Sushi 88 but it was closed for the day, so we went next door to Yummy Sushi, an all-you-can-eat sushi place I had never tried.

I usu­ally stay away from all-you-can-eat sushi places because they tend to be pricey—and really, how much sushi pieces can you eat in one set­ting? So while I wouldn’t want pay $20 plus tax for din­ner, I didn’t mind pay­ing $14.99, their lunch hol­i­day rate, since they were open and the menu looked good.

We arrived just as the place was open­ing at noon and took a seat in the booth by the win­dow. We were brought a large ther­mos of hot tea and left decid­ing what to order.

The order forms on the table were clear and customer-friendly, orga­niz­ing items by cat­e­gory, but lit­tle expla­na­tions were given. We had to ask one of the wait­ers how big the por­tions were, for instance, and learned that “one piece” actu­ally meant “one piece of sushi”, not “one roll”.

We ordered some maki, avo­cado and yam hand roll, two pieces of tem­pura (broc­coli and egg­plant) and a few mis­cel­la­neous items.

Ver­dict? The food came pretty quick, which is good. The tem­pura was good, and so were the maki accord­ing to my friends. The hand rolls were big­ger than expected, and a bit heavy in sea­weed and rice. I didn’t eat the last one which only had a tiny piece of avo­cado and just rice—meh.

For sec­onds, we ordered more maki, a cou­ple of pieces of tem­pura and some sushi (tofu, avo­cado and yam). The size of the rolls was more man­age­able than the hand rolls and they tasted great.

There is a lot of food we didn’t get to try because it was either fried (we weren’t in the mood for noo­dles, spring rolls, dumplings, etc.) or seemed quite big (noo­dle soup, stir-fry, etc.). it can be a good option if you are really hun­gry and can share the plate with a few peo­ple. Some items are appar­ently for “a table”, what­ever that means (I’m guess­ing more than two women!).

All in all, Yummy Sushi is a pretty nice all-you-can-eat place. I wouldn’t pay the din­ner price but it’s a good lunch option if you feel like tast­ing new rolls that come in small portions.

The Good

  • Good choice of all-you-can-eat rolls, sushi, maki, stir-fries, noo­dles, appe­tiz­ers, etc.
  • Small por­tions so you can get out of your com­fort zone and taste more stuff!
  • Free tea.

The Bad

  • Ser­vice a bit slow, it took a while to get sec­ond servings.
  • Expen­sive at night, head there for lunch!

At a glance

Yummy Sushi (By the Chi­na­town Arch)
702 Som­er­set Street West  (Chi­na­town)
Ottawa, ON K1R 6P6
(613) 680‑9301


Broc­coli Tempura

Sushi Rolls

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  1. Not rec­om­mended. Skimpy and appe­tiz­ing dishes. The food and ser­vice have really declined in qual­ity. I recently heard that the tips are not shared prop­erly with the servers and that they no longer serve sin­gle cus­tomers.
    I walked in when the place was nearly empty and was told that I couldn’t order the all you can eat … so I walked out feel­ing insulted and angry … two things you don’t want to expe­ri­ence at a any restau­rant.
    Avoid this place it is def­i­nitely not recommended.

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