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10 Great Time-Wasting Entertaining Websites

The World Wide Web, Graffiti in Nantes, August 2012

As a freelancer, I’m online a lot. Granted, I spent most of my on not-so-exacting websites like French-English dictionaries and language-related websites (and actually working!), but sometimes I need a break and I click on “Time-Wasting Websites” in my bookmarks.

Yes, I have a dedicated category to these fun websites where you can spend hours of your precious time.

We all need some fun, right?

I hope you will enjoy this list of ten great time-wasting websites!

Not Always Right — Self-described as “funny and stupid customer stories”, Not Always Right is an outlet for anyone working in the customer service industry… and most of us did, at one point in our life. The website features a collection of dialogues between employees in various industries (food, service, etc.) and a stupid customer. Don’t forget to check out the Hall of Fame! Not Always Working follows the same model and features bad customer service, bosses and co-workers stories.

Buzzfeed — Viral news, silly content, weird jokes… yes, this is the “web 2.0”, whatever that means. Don’t expect lengthy articles and great journalism but you will get a healthy dose of pop culture.

PassiveAggressiveNotes.com — This websites features “photographs of vaguely threatening signs, notes and messages”, aka passive-aggressive notes left to customers, employees, neighbours, etc. Hilarious… in a very passive-aggressive way. All the pictures of the signs and notes are also on Flickr.

You Suck at Craigslist — Everybody knows Craiglist, the local classifieds for jobs, housing, for sale, personals, services, etc. And as anyone who has browsed Craigslist can attest, some ads are just plain wrong. This website collects them, and makes hilarious comments on them.

Clients From Hell — Described as “a collection of anonymously contributed client horror stories from designers”, this website can speak to any freelancer in any industry and features funny snippets of conversation between professionals and their clients.

Oddee — This is a blog on oddities, featuring “the odd, bizarre and strange things of our world”. Granted, the lists (a new one is published every day) aren’t always consistent or tasteful, but some are quite interesting.

PostSecret — Discreetly branded as “the largest advertisement-free blog in the world”, PostSecret sports a minimalistic interface and features postcards of secrets sent by anonymous strangers from all over the world. The project is fascinating, and some secrets are truly moving.

Lamebook — This websites posts screen captures of funny Facebook status, fails and strange conversation. It could also be called “please don’t be that person on Facebook”.

Lifehacker For funny and smart tips on just about everything: life, work, technology, etc.

Reddit – Self-described as “the front page of the Internet”, Reddit is a huge community made of thousands of ‘subreddit” (kind of like small forums) on thousands of topics. Users can post links or text, and submissions are promoted and discussed. My favourite subreddit include AskReddit (for discussion-inspiring questions), Canada and Ottawa (for local topics), IWantOut (for expats and immigrants) and IAmA (President Obama recently answered questions in this subreddit!).

Any entertaining or interesting websites you visit daily? Any favourite among these ones?

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