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10 Things That Feel Great When You Are No Longer Pregnant

No More Pregnant Belly! Five days after giving birth, Ottawa, October 2012

The 38 weeks of pregnancy took me on a rollercoaster of mixed feelings and emotions, and I must admit I was looking forward to not being pregnant anymore. On the practical side, even though my pregnant belly was small by most standards—it didn’t pop out much—I still carried a 6.1 lbs. and 45-centimetre tall baby, and I was pretty uncomfortable during the last few weeks.

I kept on going to yoga until I was 37 weeks pregnant and I took long walks but I was getting more and more sore and tired towards the end. I know I’m lucky I was able to stay active throughout my pregnancy and that I didn’t experience any issues, but boy… no longer being pregnant feels great.

I had heard horror stories about what to expect in the postpartum (i.e. after birth) stage but again, I guess I was lucky, it was (and is) a good experience, albeit a strange and sudden one.

One minute your belly is huge and hard (and I mean hard as a rock with the contractions!) and the next one, it’s empty—“jelly belly” the nurse called it. The first day after giving birth, I still had a bit of a pregnant belly but it quickly disappeared—much faster than it came considering it took me nine months to grow it! I didn’t have any stretch marks and I didn’t experience lingering contractions or pain in general despite having a second-degree tear—again, I’m counting my blessings.

On a lighter note, I (re)discovered 10 things that feel great when you are no longer pregnant!

  1. You can drink as much as you want and don’t have to pee constantly since there is no longer a mini-baby jumping on your bladder.
  2. Waxing your bikini line becomes much easier again. Bonus: you can also bend to wax your legs and cut your toenails!
  3. You feel lighter when you walk and don’t have to puff like a polar bear when climbing the stairs.
  4. You can get out of the bed (or sofa, or whatever place where you passed out) easily. You can also turn over in bed in one smooth motion.
  5. Your stomach is flat (or flatter) and you have big boobs. As opposed to having a huge belly that makes you look flat-chested, regardless of the actual size of your breasts.
  6. You can lie on your stomach and stretch your spine. Boy, it feels wonderful!
  7. People no longer attempt to rub your belly (or if they do, you are hanging out in the wrong place).
  8. Doctors and healthcare providers in general lose interest in you; only the baby matters. Fine by me: I was getting tired of handing out urine samples like Halloween candies.
  9. No more Diego Maradona-like kicks under the ribs or in the bladder. Yay!
  10. After wearing either maternity clothes or the same few items that fitted your pregnant belly best, you get a kick of rediscovering your old clothes. Walking into your own closet feels like walking into a store—“hey, I didn’t remember I had this pair of jeans!”

Did you feel the same after you had your baby?

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