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Archive - July 2008

Things That Freak Me Out

There isn't a good way present your products, no matter how many metaphors you use: "ED" (erectile dysfunction), "Love Life Again" (get it hard, finally), "miracle diet pill" (take a placebo pill and...

The Last Four Things I Bought

What did you buy today? I'm curious to find out! In this meme, you have to list four things you bought during a day.

This was Saturday for me and my wallet.

The Land Of Plenty

People feel the need to eat in places they shouldn't even think of: at concerts, sports games, outdoor activities, movie theaters; on the bus, the train, in their cars. I clearly remember a time...

Interesting Skies

These are my latest "Canadian skies pictures" I took earlier this summer. Beautiful sunsets, shades of blue, purple, pink and white and some beautiful -- and unusual -- clouds.

The Lord Of The Visa

Waiting two more minutes doesn't sound so bad. We have been standing in the small -- yet overcrowded -- room for about two hours, browsing brochures about the latest Shenzhen fair trade and...

Pig Day In Ottawa

Every year, Sparks Street in downtown Ottawa is smokin' hot. For five days in June, about twenty teams from Canada and the United States compete for the top rank of best rib choice, best rib sauce...

The Wall

Some days, I feel like I have been there forever. I left France when I was 18 and barely looked back. Going back was never really an option: call it innocence, naivety or pride, I wanted to see the...