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Archive - January 2013

The Quest for Insouciance

I tend to be a professional worrier in the best of times so just imagine how anxious I was with real issues and life-changing events to face—issues that, for the most part, I had no control over.

1 + 1… + 1 = Family Portraits

After he is fed and changed, Mark knows that if the light is good enough, it’s “picture time”—he probably sees it as “mommy making silly faces and hiding behind a big black eye”. Well, at least the...

Of Losing Control (And Changing That Pyjama)

With a baby comes a sense of loss of control over your life. And these silly superstitions or routines we follow allow us to gain a sense of control back. That’s my best explanation for our quirks.

Mark, 12 Weeks and One Day

Three Months… in Numbers!

On January 12, 2013, Mark is turning three months. The past few weeks have been a steep learning curve for us, new parents, but we’ve taken things in stride and Mark rewards us with big smiles and...

Mark, 11 Weeks and 4 Days

Lost: Identity

I’m no longer pregnant (yay!) and I’m embracing motherhood. Even though it still feels new, unreal and scary, I’m happy to be Mark’s mother. But I don’t want to trade the multifaceted identities it...