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Archive - April 2015

Rice and Cheese

“Eat rice. Eat Cheese”. Typical Mark, bridging French and Chinese cultures. Still a North American kid, though—he won’t sit at the table, he’d rather “watch TV”.

Scratch Me If You Can

I noticed the flashing LED light on my phone and I grabbed it absentmindedly. Just another assignment coming through, I thought. But I hadn’t received an email. I had four missed phone calls. And two...

The Darkest Hours

These were the darkest hours. I don’t like to remember them. But I can’t pretend they didn’t exist

Retail Tales

Just in the last month, MEXX, Smart Set and Futureshop have folded abruptly. I guess the pair of red cargo pants I bought at MEXX in 2005 are now a collector's item.

Beautifully Flawed

French are epicurean, joyous pessimistic and self-conscious hedonist. North Americans, on the other hand, strive for perfection and constantly want to better themselves and those around them.


I’m scared of normal stuff: people around me getting hurt, daycare centres going bankrupt, not making enough money, dying, not being a good enough mother, running out of time, my mother-in-law and...

Breathing Space

There are only so many hours in the day and they are always booked by two main tasks—work and Mark. In between, a myriad of small duties, a series of minor events and a plethora of incidents will...