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Archive - October 2015

Two Countries, Two Systems

In Canada, the social safety net covers a broad spectrum of programs designed to give assistance to citizens outside of what the market provides. However, it is much less generous and comprehensive...


I'm paranoid that some journalist reporting on the federal campaign will snap a candid shot of "supporters around the Conservative HQ" or "pedestrian walking by the Conservative candidate campaign...


Mark is turning three. Please, don't say "they grow up so fast." Some days, they don't grow up fast enough. Trust me.

Sick of Being Sick

If I was supposed to meet up with you sometime this year and if I cancelled because I was sick... well, I wasn't just making an excuse.

Voting Harper Out, Step One

The federal elections are coming up and I still don't know who I'm going to vote for. I have become this indecisive voter—a strange position for someone who believes in the democratic system...