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Archive - July 2016


Traveling with Mark is undeniably easier now: no more milk bottles, no more diapers, fewer tantrums—he eats whatever is available, uses les toilettes (when we can find them!) and sulks for a few...

Fest Noz at the Castle

Breton culture is taken seriously in Nantes , and so are festoù-noz "(Breton for "night festival"), a fun way to celebrate the regional identity.

Landing in France…

Bienvenue en France. The destination may be considered “glamorous” but my first stop after landing isn’t—I need to go to the restroom.

I Swear…

North America's delicate ears shall not be assaulted by strong language, much like delicate eyes shall not be exposed to nipples and delicate taste buds cannot stand foul unpasteurized cheese.