(5+5=10) Other Things About Me

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And this is the second and last part of the “about me” photohunt! Last part of the assignment, then I will stop being so self-centered, I promise.

Scarlet has already completed her (5+5): who else wants to participate?

Pens, Lots of Them!

Pens, Lots of Them!

I like drawing, I like color and I like art, photography, literature or painting.

My father is an artist (Philippe Bossard) — it probably explains why we, the kids, like to see the world with a different eye. Eh, after we grew up in the jumble of buckets of oil paint, acrylic paint, gouache paint, watercolor and charcoal crayons…

It took me many years to appreciate my father’s work, because his drawings seemed so abstract to me as a kid (see his paintings inspired by the Genesis, his drawings on subway ticketshis experiments). I think I get it now. I think.

Three of my Scarves

Three of my Scarves

I seem to have a thing for scarves. Maybe it’s the weather… maybe it’s just me.

Some women are into shoes — I’m not. Scarves are usually cheaper, one size fits all, and they are soft, unique and comfy.

These are three of my favorite: the dark red (from Guatemala), the whool one (from Canada) and the stripes one (from Bolivia).

Our World Map

Our World Map

I have always loved traveling, and I turned it into an almost full-time activity as soon as I finished high school. Work, save money and go — that’s how it works.

So far, I have traveled/ backpacked in China, Hong Kong, Australia New Zealand, Canada, U.S.A, France, England, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Finland, Tunisia, Greece, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Equator, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil… and hopefully there is more to come!

Cute (Chinese) Bear In Buenos Aires

Cute (Chinese) Bear In Buenos Aires

I like Winnie the Pooh, Probably more than I should considering I’m 26 years old! I have four little “Winnies” and I usually carry one in my backpack when we go traveling.

Seriously guys, don’t laugh, that’s my deepest secret. My Winnie-dependence.

Tuney's Pasture OC Transpo Station

Tuney's Pasture OC Transpo Station

As everybody knows by now, I don’t drive. Well, technically, I can: I learned, I have a valid license and we have a car. But I was never too comfortable driving — who knows why!

So I rely on the bus quite a lot. I wish I could say it’s for environmental reasons, but the truth is, it’s because I’m too fucking scare to drive to the supermarket by myself. Maybe one day…


About Author

French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. How is the public transport in Ottawa?

    Many inexperience drivers, myself included, are scared to drive on busy streets and to park the cars. It takes a while to overcome the fear. Be more confident. You can make it!

  2. Your father’s work is very interesting, very original. He makes me think of Shel Silverstein if you know his work. That is a compliment actually.

    I think there are many more than 10 interesting things about you Zhu. You have done a lot of traveling in your 26 years. If you ever find yourself in Tulsa, we have a nice little guest room.

  3. Salut Zhu,
    I haven’t been too active on the Internet this week. But, I always come back 😉
    Very interesting meme. I went back and read your 5+5 and now la suite. I really have a few in common with you; the travel part you know that I like, and instead of saying that I stumbled on Chinese, I stumbled on French at 16 ( A class that I wanted to take was full & French was a replacement !)

    So cooool about your artist Dad too !
    And we are both passengers but myself a more frustrated one for reasons that I won’t put here !

    You take care and stay cool

  4. I love that you prefer to take public transportation. It makes life more interesting, I’ll bet.

    Your dad’s artwork is cool. Nice website and funky nudes!

    Btw, your Guatemala scarf is my favorite! It would look great with my red gloves, although they’re winter and your scarf is not…the color is right!

  5. I used to be terrified of driving. I would do it, but only out of necessity. Now though, I’ve forced myself to drive and I feel a lot more confident. I still won’t drive in big cities…but anywhere else…I don’t really think twice.

  6. i love your fathers drawing “Primitif.” it’s awesome, especially the little bird on it’s back, the guy holding it’s feet. belle, belle.
    and don’t stop being self-centered. it’s fun hearing about you, what interests you, what you enjoy. it gives me ideas and new ways to see the world. your scarves, fr instance. i love the one from bolivia, and it doesn’t surprise me the wool one is from canada. you hardly see anyone wearing scarves in california, even in winter. sometimes at dinner.
    i imagine you taking the bus to dinner, draping a red scarf from your neck as you stare out the window, a pooh-bear smile on your face, thinking of your father frowning in concentration, imagining the bird on it’s back (kicking it’s little feet in a panic).

  7. I can see you love colours Zhu, your blog is full of vibrancy of colours and I love it 😀

    I have a driving licence too but never have the guts to drive – it is way too stressful 😉

    Great post Zhu 😀 Happy weekend ahead ;D

  8. Zhu….

    lol @ your winnie dependence 🙂 Come on, it made me laugh what to do?

    Come on, start drivg… I knw drivg but couldn’t drive bcoz Im yet to get license…

  9. @Tanya – I have to look into Twitter, but I’m afraid I’m gonna spend hours on it :Lol:

    @Khengsiong – I’m more confident than before, and I’m trying to work on that. Public transport in Ottawa isn’t that great. If you live close to the Transitway (a kind of bus only express lane) it’s good, otherwise it’s crappy.

    @Seb – Winnie IS awesome. I pass along the nice words to my Dad!

    @Tulsa Gentleman – Thank you! I checked out Shel Silverstein’s work and the comparison makes sense.
    I’d love to visit the USA because so far, I don’t know it that well. A road trip, that’s what I need!

    @barbara – I had no idea you learned French that young! I bet it wasn’t that common. But your French is so good, I was truly impressed… as a teacher and as a French!

    @Baoru – I know… mine are mute though 😆

    @Scarlet – The scarf is a bit light for Canadian winter, but perfect for Florida winters! Now you just have to go to Antigua, Guatemala, and pick one up 😉

    @silverneurotic – I am more confident in the country too. I drove to Niagara Falls last years, through NY states, I was fine. But cities… nope!

    @Seraphine – Thank you! And I love your wild imagination 😉

    @shionge – I bet it is, in Singapore! I would never ever have the courage to drive in Asia!

    @CM-Chap – It,s so easy to get a license in Canada. Even I have one! Yep, confidence is what I need…

  10. Like father – like daughter and your an artist in great many ways too!

    I am glad I did not find Norway on your Europe tour list yet – I mean, it would have been sad if you had been here before we met 🙂

    You seams to be able to move around quite well without driving yourself! 😆

    Happy Mothers Day!

  11. Hi Zhu!
    Like you I drive, but if I have the choice, I prefer train, bus or… my feet. Specially for you :

    Poema El Peatón de Jaime Sabines

    Se dice, se rumora, afirman en los salones, en las fiestas, alguien o algunos enterados, que Jaime Sabines es un gran poeta. O cuando menos un buen poeta. O un poeta decente, valioso. O simplemente, pero realmente, un poeta.
    Le llega la noticia a Jaime y éste se alegra: ¡qué maravilla! ¡Soy un poeta! ¡Soy un poeta importante! ¡Soy un gran poeta!
    Convencido, sale a la calle, o llega a la casa, convencido. Pero en la calle nadie, y en la casa menos: nadie se da cuenta de que es un poeta. ¿Por qué los poetas no tienen una estrella en la frente, o un resplandor visible, o un rayo que les salga de las orejas?
    ¡Dios mío!, dice Jaime. Tengo que ser papá o marido, o trabajar en la fábrica como otro cualquiera, o andar, como cualquiera, de peatón.
    ¡Eso es!, dice Jaime. No soy un poeta: soy un peatón.
    Y esta vez se queda echado en la cama con una alegría dulce y tranquila.

  12. Max Coutinho on

    Hey Zhu,

    So, your dad is an artist, eh? I will drop by the link you provided to check it out…

    Oh, girl…I am guilty as charged with the shoes thing; however I also have a crush on scarves (I have a lot of them).
    I can’t have my neck getting chilly…it must be warm at all times lol. I love your three scarves :D!

    Aaaah, you haven’t backpacked in Portugal yet…we must change that, one of these days ;)!

    “Seriously guys, don’t laugh, that’s my deepest secret. My Winnie-dependence” – LOL LOL LOL LOL I couldn’t help it! LOL LOL…but I will comment not, for I love “Minus et Cortex” (ever heard of them? In the English version they are Pinky and the Brain)…

    You have a license and you don’t drive? I can dig that…I don’t have a license yet (I will take one next year – my family keeps pestering me about it), but I am guessing that when I will…I won’t drive that much either *shrugging*.
    I am always dreaming I crash (one of the reasons why I haven’t taken my license yet)…it is bloody scary.


  13. I wish I could say my father is an artist! Sadly, he is the opposite… not an artistic bone in his body. I don’t really know where the three of us get our artistic bent, maybe our mother’s side. We were never really encouraged to pursue art, though.

  14. …and there is more. These are so amazing. Your artwork is fabulous. This is where I really get jealous hehehe! as I would love to be able to put my hand to drawing, but never could. I rely on the camera. You have the amazing talent of being able to do both equally as good. It must be quite therapeutic to be able to let your emotions flow through the pencil onto the paper and come up with the images that you create. I am truly in awe!!

    There is an expression “Why bark when you have got a dog?”. If public transport is reliable, why drive? As you are probably aware,the public transport in England has a reputation of being so very unreliable ~ always late and comes to a complete stop if we have the “wrong” weather, and in England we are ALWAYS having the wrong weather!!! LOL! Zhu, I love your work, I love reading about you, I love seeing your photos and I think you are an AMAZINGLY wonderful person! A++++ for your “10 things about me” interpretation.

  15. I like drawing as well except I such at it.

    We do have something in common and that is I was never very comfortable with driving either. Probably something to do with riding the bus for half of my bus. Either that or I was chauffeured all the time in my past life 😀

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