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Picture of the Week: 9/11 and the American Embassy

9/11 Memorial at the American Embassy in Ottawa, September 2011

Last Sunday, most of the Western world commemorated the September 11 attacks on the United States. It’s been ten years already, and the tragic event remains engraved in everyone’s memory—we still all remember where we were when we learned about the attacks, how we reacted as the footage of the planes hitting the towers was replayed over and over again.

These three numbers, 9/11, symbolizes the end of an era and triggered a multitude of events around the world. Ten years later, where are we? Have we learned anything?

No matter how tragic and how wrong the attacks were, I can’t help thinking nothing was solved and that the so-called “war on terror” only made matters worse.  The last decade was one of destruction and confusion. Maybe it’s time to rebuild on a better footing.

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