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10 Clues I Became Canadian

I know that I'm still a little bit French, but as time went by, I also adapted to my new home. Like many in Canada, I embrace the North American way of life while keeping some of my culture. Cultural...

10 Clues I’m Still French

I don't think I'm your typical French. Yet, my citizenship sometimes catches up with me. I don't mind it. I like to call myself a "word citizen" but this is the country where I was born, where I grew...

Rainy Easter

The grim forecast was all over local news before the Easter long weekend—“Significant rain expected!” “Exercise caution!” “Flood concerns along the Ottawa River!”

5 Mistakes I Made in Canada

Moving to a new country is one of these big decisions where your life can get awesomely better, awfully worst or more realistically, waver between these two extreme case scenarios.

Not-So-Safe Natal

Locals tend to think Recife is this super dangerous place but I didn't get that "must get out of here now' vibe over there. The streets were busy and chaotic but lively and people were friendly...

The Holidays

When I first came to Canada, I had been warned: there are much less holidays on this side of the Atlantic Ocean, and no public strike will change labor laws. Looking back, I can say the system is...